More than 65% gamers get parental acceptance today: Lenovo India and The Esports Club Survey More than 65% gamers get parental acceptance today: Lenovo India and The Esports Club Survey

More than 65% gamers get parental acceptance today: Lenovo India and The Esports Club Survey

Lenovo, the global technology leader, in collaboration with The Esports Club® (TEC) a global Esports company with presence in Middle East, South-east Asia and South Asia, have conducted an extensive survey that provides unprecedented insights into the gaming habits of Indian gamers. This joint effort brings together the expertise of two industry leaders to shed light on the dynamic gaming landscape in India. This comprised over 18,000 responses from more than 70 cities across the country.

The findings reveal a significant trend among the young and dynamic Indian audience, with 89% of Indian gamers being less than 24-years old while the global average gamer is 35-years old. A majority (71%) of these gamers are currently pursuing their education, and almost 66% of them get occasional support or active encouragement from their parents. This indicates a growing interest in gaming amongst the Indian students, and demonstrates the broad range of backgrounds and aspirations within the Indian gaming community. The remarkable shift in parental attitudes also reflects the positive impact of gaming on Indian households.

The survey findings indicate that gaming is the preferred form of entertainment, where 60% of respondents casually play with their friends, thereby utilizing the esports platforms to connect and nurture relationships. It is also interesting to see that 82% of gamers spend more than one hour per session, and 88% playing daily or several times a week. This signifies the increasing popularity of gaming, surpassing traditional leisure activities in India.

Responses from the survey shed light on gaming classifications in the country. These classifications illustrate that almost 82% of the surveyed group play some form of esports and seek next-level performance from high-quality gaming devices. Thanks to the availability of faster internet speed and better compute power with high-end machines, nearly all (94%) gamers today choose to game from the comfort of their homes.

The survey also demonstrates that a significant proportion of core Indian gamers come from affluent families, and all gamers have a strong presence in the digital realm. Nearly all (99%) gamers actively engage on Instagram and more than half (53%) of them use Snapchat, indicating the substantial social media footprint of the community.

Dinesh Nair, Director – Consumer Business, Lenovo India said, “Lenovo has always worked towards strengthening the gaming ecosystem, by listening to its consumers’ demands and staying ahead of the trends. This survey, conducted in collaboration with The Esports Club, is a positive step in that direction. It has helped us obtain some insightful details about the Indian gaming community, especially highlighting how high-end premium devices have been crucial for a comfortable and immersive gaming experience. We take this feedback very seriously and will continue to produce the most powerful Legion machines for the Indian gamers.”

“We’re thrilled with the insightful result of our survey, it gives us a deeper understanding of Indian gamers and their preferences,” said Vamsi Krishna, Founder of The Esports Club. “It has helped us identify the diverse gaming classifications and lifestyles, enabling us to build targeted strategies to better serve their needs. It provides valuable guidance for brands like Lenovo and The Esports Club to create tailored experiences and products that resonate with this passionate community. We’re excited to leverage these findings to elevate the gaming industry in India and support gamers’ aspiration.”

Lenovo and The Esports Club are delighted to have collaborated on this survey, providing valuable insights into the Indian gaming landscape. The findings offer key takeaways for the industry, helping stakeholders better understand the preferences and behaviors of Indian gamers. This collaboration underscores Lenovo’s commitment to delivering innovative gaming products that meet the evolving needs of the Indian gaming community, reinforcing their position as a leader in the gaming industry.