Moon too experiences earthquakes

According to a recent analysis, it has been proved that Earth’s satellite ‘Moon’ too has the presence of tectonic plates on its surface. The movement of these plates may result in quakes just as the same in earth.

Saumitra Mukherjee, Professor of Geology & Remote Sensing at School of Environmental Sciences in Jawaharlal Nehru University along with his Priyadarshini Singh has reportedly analyzed the photos taken by Chandrayaan-1 before making this conclusion. The news about this finding was first appeared in Zee News on June 14, 2015.

The pictures of the surface of the moon were being taken with the help of Narrow Angle Camera and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera of Chandrayaan-1.

As per Professor Saumitra Mukherjee, the date collected from the South Polar region of the moon shows evidence of tectonic activities which happens on the lunar surface.

The professor adds that the moon also have a core, and this makes the satellite’s structure much similar to that of the earth.

As per the research team, there are absolutely no ways to predict quakes that may happen on the moon. But by studying tectonic plate movements, and quakes on the moon, and later comparing it with earthquakes will give us an idea of the occurrences of these shakes in our satellite.

Ahmedabad-based Space Application Centre has also helped the research team to analyze various pictures and data in the most efficient manner.

The findings and the study reports are now available in Nature India, Frontiers in Earth Science and IEEE Geoscience and remote sensing letters.

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