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Mobile iGaming: App vs. Browser

It is estimated that mobile devices account for 60% of online casino traffic. This is largely due to rapid technological advancement and the convenience offered by smartphones and tablets. Mobile players can either access casinos via a dedicated app or through their device browsers. Many mobile users often struggle to choose how to interact with online casinos. Is there any difference between the app and browser experience? Is one better than the other? These are the questions that this article will answer by analyzing the key aspects of the online casino experience.


Convenience, in this context, refers to how fast, and easy, it is to access games and other functionality features on online casinos. Online casinos recognize the importance of optimizing the mobile experience, regardless of the means of access. That being said, accessing an online casino via the app offers a faster and more intuitive experience. Each casino designs its own app. This allows them to create an optimized platform that a user can customize based on their needs and preferences. If you mostly visit the online casino to bet on horse racing, you can customize your app to present HorseBetting on the home screen.
After your initial login and account setup on the app, it is much easier to access your favourite games. It is almost impossible for the browser to match this level of customization and ease of access offered by apps.

Offers, Promotions and Bonuses

The online casino industry is one of the most competitive industries, with new players entering the market every week. One of the ways casinos try to attract and retain clients in this competitive space is by offers, promotions and bonuses. Most of these offers, such as welcome bonuses and loyalty bonuses can be enjoyed regardless of how you access the online casino.
However, many casinos have exclusive app-only offers, promotions and bonuses. These can be in the form of free spins, cashback, deposit bonuses and even free bets. These exclusive offers are meant to incentivise mobile users to use the app since the app restricts players to the casino.


This is one aspect where the mobile browser offers a superior experience. As already mentioned, online casinos develop their apps. This means that when you are using a certain casino’s app, you cannot access the offerings of rival casinos. Your experience is restricted to the casino games and gambling options offered by the casino – as long as you stay within the app.
This is not the case with browser users. When you are using your device’s browser, you can hop between as many online casinos as you please. Your experience is not restricted. This is perfect for people with diverse tastes. Even the most established online casinos don’t offer everything. They may not partner with the developer who produces one, or more, of your favourite games. Their regulatory environment might restrict them from offering betting for their favourite sport. Using the browser allows you to enjoy different games from different online casinos.

Gameplay and Functionality

With the majority of users accessing online casinos from mobile devices, casinos are always working towards offering a mobile-friendly experience on browser or app. However, even with really small margins, apps offer a faster and much smoother gameplay experience.
This is because apps are optimized for the casino and the mobile device they were designed for. A casino that offers live poker will include most of the visual elements required for gameplay on the app. When playing on a browser, these have to be streamed to the device from the casino servers. Because of this, the app gameplay will be smoother and faster due to less data being transferred between the casino servers and the device. Online casinos will always design their apps to offer better gameplay.
The app experience is also going to be more intuitive as the design makes the functionality features more accessible. It should be faster to deposit funds, withdraw winnings and reach the support staff on the app.

Safety and Security

This is another aspect where apps outperform the browser experience. Since online casinos design their own apps, it is often more secure to access a casino via the app. This is because it creates a closed-loop system where the security measures on the app, and the casino servers, are created to work with each other. This is not the case with browsers, which often contain third-party plug-ins and extensions.
Also, the iOS and Android platforms, which control 99% of the mobile market, are very strict regarding the apps they allow on their marketplaces. Gambling apps are particularly targeted by this regulation. For a casino app to be allowed on the iOS AppStore and Anrdopid’s PlayStore, it must offer sufficient customer protection and have up to date registration. These standards ensure that any apps offered on the official iOS and Android marketplaces offer a safe and secure experience.

The final word

Whether to use casino apps or the mobile browser depends on your needs. If you visit multiple casinos, then the browser allows you to enjoy them without cluttering your device with multiple apps. If you have a favourite casino, then you should take advantage of the improved gameplay, exclusive offers and overall safety of using the app. Either way, most casinos have optimized both the app and browser experience. The experience is largely similar.

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