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Mobile Gaming on Android and iOS, Which Is Better?

Mobile gaming is a popular part of the global video gaming industry. In fact, it’s argued that mobile gaming far exceeds desktop and console gamers. Some also argue mobile gaming is more gender and ethnically neutral.

Based on the available data globally, over half of all mobile gamers are female. That paints a different picture of the gaming experience on both Android and iOS. There seem to be some differences in the reactions to games on different operating systems.

For many consumers, the argument usually comes down to personal preference. There are some objective facts that will help those on the fence to decide. Let’s take a look at what makes some gamers pick iOS over Android devices and vice versa.

iOS Devices Experience Fewer Bugs Gaming

Apple’s operating system has long been touted as an elite club for gamers. There are studies that suggest that iOS users run into fewer bugs when they play games. One reason for this may be sheer numbers. iOS has a lower number of consumers with only about one billion users worldwide.

In contrast, there are an estimated 2.5 billion active Android users. Numbers do not tell the whole story. Apple is well known for its commitment to software and hardware that integrates seamlessly. The Apple philosophy makes their systems far less vulnerable to any outside interventions.

The Apple Store is a walled garden. Those consumers wishing to visit must own an iOS device. Developers are forced to design their software under strict guidelines for entry. Apple has a very strict auditing process for apps in its store. Vulnerabilities and exploitative apps are generally not allowed in the shop.

This means that the number of games that are allowed on iOS is fewer. Even then, there are estimated to be over one billion games available on the Apple Store.

Consumers have yet to report any serious software malfunctions from gaming on iOS. Apple users, in many cases, aren’t even sure what a malfunction would look like. From this point of view, iOS devices seem to be the preferred option.

Why Android Devices Make More Sense to Some Consumers

The robust software used in iOS devices is a plus for many. Despite this, there are many reasons that motivate Android users to stay put. They can be generally broken down into three main factors:

  • Pricing
  • Wear and tear
  • Accessibility

These three factors are important to consumers in almost any product. Many would say, even more so than the occasional software flaw. Also, many game categories are known to work better on android platforms. For example, mobile casinos tend to work better on Android devices. This is due to the technical freedom to develop dedicated and tweakable software.

iOS versions of mobile casinos are often hindered by the operating system. Too much software based red tape makes it difficult for consumers to play the games they love. Android devices allow a great level of accessibility.

Android devices are often much cheaper. For that price, they can often pack high levels of computing power. This means that many high-quality games like Free Fire or Fortnite are available on android.

Wear and tear is another concern for all device owners. iPhones are quite durable under normal circumstances. However, many dedicated gamers tell you how difficult gaming can be on devices. iOS devices are not built for this. Gaming utilizes all the possible resources of a phone. The heat generated by the intensity wears on devices not designed for it.

Due to the diversity of Android device design, many are designed for gaming. Dedicated gaming devices have built-in heat dissipation systems to prolong the device’s life.

Empowered Developers

In the end, it all comes down to personal choice. Android is dominating the market with almost 1.5 times iOS share. Developers are not giving up on iOS though. Netflix Gaming is an important example. Netflix did not wait to roll out an iOS version months after Android.  The gaming service was available to iPads and iPhones in September at almost the same time.

iOS consumers are keen to get their hands on worthwhile gaming solutions. Android still has some games that iOS does not.

The lawsuit between Fornite studio Epic Games and Apple has been eye-opening to the gaming community. Epic Games stipulated that Apple is operating as a monopoly. The lawsuit ended with a judge ordering Apple to loosen up its restrictions on its store. Hopefully, this will empower not just Epic Games. This should pave the way for other developers to turn to iOS as well.

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