Mobile banking for Smart Moms, but are they safe? Tips for secure mbanking on Mother’s Day

Gone are the days when mothers use their mobile phones just to play that silly, stupid Candy Crush in their free time. Today’s mothers have become intelligent enough to use the power of the digital era to come out as a tech savvy, intelligent, and independent women.

Time is changing rapidly. Nowadays, mothers even use this hand-held technology for online banking, shopping, social networking. My mom does everything of it. Experts even say that women use the Internet more after becoming mothers.

The recent annual Asian Digital Mum survey highlights that 99% of Asian Digital mothers own a smartphone. And it’s happening not just in Asia, but across the globe. Smartphones have managed to build a strong connection with human beings over a period. They have become an integral part of our lives to access information and resources available at our fingertips.

The comfort of online banking permits us to complete all exercises that we would on a Laptop or a Desktop system. As it were, transferring money, checking and paying bills by using our pocket-sized gadget has made our lives amazingly less demanding.

It would not be right on the off chance that we say that today, the extent of portable users who at times use their gadgets for managing an account is more than 50%. The extent of IT users who are subject to their portable/ Smartphones is way beyond this.

While mobile banking, apps offer a ton of comfort, alarms of the ascent in security concerns because of its expanding use. The affected users can without much of a stretch lose their login details or even credit card details to a cyber-criminal.

It would be reasonable to say that mobile banking apps do accompany the largest amount of security. Nonetheless, the chances of giving away login credentials of users must be conceivable if user’s cell phone is infected or in the event that they have inadvertently installed a malicious banking app.

On the off chance that the user was at some point infected by a third-party app, which is thought to be the biggest wellspring of malware, the chances of running malware in the background are impressively high.

This malware, which is already present in the mobile can without much of a stretch gather data about the smartphone, steal SMS messages about saving money related information and even steal login details of user’s online banking accounts. It is, consequently essential to install safe and genuine third-party apps.

Android OS, the most popular mobile operating system, does accompany an option to allow the company to check for malicious third party apps. In the meantime, it likewise permits the users to deny scanning of third party apps. So unless, canning of third party app turns into a permanent feature, the possibilities of users installing vindictive apps are extensively high.

What can you do?

It is our ultimate responsibility to secure our data. A blend of mindfulness and usage of security software is constantly viewed as an ideal approach to lessen the shot of getting tainted. Read the description and recognize what you are installing. Don’t simply keep installing everything without exception.

Last but not the least, on the off chance that you do go over apps that are malicious, flag them as inappropriate. Not just will you be helping the developers in re-verifying the application but you may also very well have the capacity to keep another user from being compromised.

Happy Mother’s Day!

This article is written with the help of inputs provided by eScan Antivirus & Content Security.