Microsoft Xbox One will be available at offline retail outlets in India

Microsoft’s Xbox One will now be available at offline retail stores starting next month in India. Amazon enjoyed the monopoly of selling Microsoft Xbox One, but it will not be the same again.

Anshu Mor, Director, Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft India said that the word’s most adored gaming portfolio will be available to priority resellers for the ardent Indian gaming buffs.

Xbox One consoles, games and accessories will now be available to priority resellers. Mor added that selling the products on gave a platform from where they can expand into new avenues.

The devices will be sold via its official stores and not through third party stores. One of the reasons for not approaching the other outlets is the excess XBox 360 inventory.

Xbox was launched exclusively in India in September 2014 via Amazon. It had a starting price tag of Rs. 39,990 but is now available at a lower price.

Henceforth, Xbox One will be available in brick and mortar stores. Microsoft will sell Xbox One, which was available only at Amazon India. But now Xbox will be available at 27 outlets of Microsoft Priority Reseller Store.

Microsoft has launched Windows 10 and is also planning to stream PC games to Xbox One Consoles. The Xbox One games meant for PC’s has been announced for some time now, and the new announcement means streaming PC games for Xbox One is to be available soon.

The Xbox is known to support keyboard, but the console has never been compatible with the mouse. Third party adapters are available for both PS4 and Xbox One. It is for the first time Xbox One could get keyboard mouse support.

Microsoft feels that its unique content will give it a decisive edge against rival Sony who are highlighting their strengths like PS4‘s slightly better graphics. The users will be the winner getting the best of both worlds.