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Microsoft is working on its own SIM card for Windows 10 devices

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) will probably launch its own SIM cards for Windows 10 devices. This development comes in the wake of a new Cellular Data app, which was released by Microsoft on the Windows Store.

The new app enables you to establish connectivity with mobile data networks without any long-term contract or commitment. You will be charged for your Microsoft account only for the data consumed. Hence, you will be able to purchase and use mobile data irrespective of location.

Microsoft will initially launch the mobile data service in only a few markets to begin with. The offers are applicable only for domestic plans. The International roaming support will be added in the near future.

To work with the app, you need access to a specific Windows 10 device in addition to an activated Microsoft SIM card along with a Microsoft account.

You can purchase a data plan by selecting the WiFi icon and choosing Cellular data from the list of networks. You can purchase mobile data by selecting View plans option from the mobile settings page.

Microsoft hasn’t disclosed the list of countries where the service will be launched and also the details regarding plans and cost involved.

It will be interesting to watch how the service will be launched in India and the subsequent reaction of telecom operators including regulators.