Last month on August 2, the Windows 10 anniversary update was announced and over a month ago and ten days later, the users are still complaining that they have not received it, yet. The update is supposed to stabilize some irregularities in the UI and software integration, which is why it has been quite anticipated.

According to a report by, many users have received an email saying that the update will be made available to them by November. Another reason for the agitation among users is that Microsoft force-fed the Windows 10 update to the Windows 7 and Windows 8 users.

Microsoft is known to be tentative about its rollouts, but this time, it has been more. A three month waiting period that has been given to users is the longer than it has been before.

Reports suggest that the slow rollout is a result of careful tracking of compatibility, sorting out major compatibility issues such as webcam stack incompatibility, Skype software bugs among many others.

The insider builds are usually quality enough to be used on production hardware. The updates that have been sent to insiders must not be good enough to move them to the end product.

Some users are certainly thrilled that the company has been working on improving it, but the waiting period is just too long. The KB3189866 update that has been shipped to the insiders are still facing problems, but the next one is supposed to make up for all drawbacks.
The updates quite popularly places the mainstream consumers at the center of its development. The consumer version will be released before the corporate version, which could essentially mean that the consumers are the unofficial guinea pigs of Microsoft.
Force-feeding Windows sure did not go well with the users, as most Windows 7 users were strongly reluctant to change. This update may well be Microsoft’s way to make it up to the users. However, too many developments are likely to lead to a complicated UI. This was a major reason why most users were reluctant were move up to Windows 8 from Windows 7.

Apart from the emails to the users, there has been no official word from the company about the rollout of the upgrade, yet. This means that there is hope for an earlier rollout.