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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs Huawei Matebook: Specs, Features, Price comparison


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a premium flagship tablet loaded with Windows 10 Pro. Huawei also launched Matebook loaded with both Windows 10 Home and Pro editions with almost similar specifications. In this article, we’ll have a look at the key differences in terms of specifications and features between the Surface Pro 4 vs Huawei Matebook.

Surface Pro 4 vs Huawei Matebook: Display

While Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is equipped with a 12.3-inch PixelSense display with a resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels, the Huawei Matebook features a 12-inch IPS display with a display area of 2160 x 1440 pixels. As you can see, the display integrated with Surface Pro 4 is better than the standard IPS display in Matebook.

Surface Pro 4 vs Huawei Matebook: Performance

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 ships in wide range of sixth generation processor variants like Intel Core m3, i5, and i7. Moreover, you will be able to buy the device in four different SSD storage models like 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB. Talking about RAM, Surface Pro 4 is available up to 16GB starting from 4 GB and 8GB respectively. If you are a power user and make use of the device for programming with Visual Studio, you should opt for 16GB since the device will be faster for your requirements.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Microsoft Surface Pro 4

While Core m3 variants ships with Intel HD graphics 515, Core i5 models comes with Intel HD graphics 520. However, you can experience the power of Intel Iris graphics in Surface Pro 4 devices with Core i7 processor.

Huawei Matebook, meanwhile, is also available in 4GB and 8GB RAM variants with storage capacity up to 512GB starting from 128GB. On the processor front, the Matebook ships with 6th Gen Intel Core m with clock speed up to 3.1GHz and Intel HD Graphics 515.

Surface Pro 4 vs Huawei Matebook: Camera

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 includes 8MP rear camera with support for auto-focus and Full HD video recording. However, Matebook doesn’t ship with a rear camera, which is disappointing. Both Surface Pro 4 and Huawei Matebook offer 5MP front-facing snapper with support for Full HD video recording and fixed focus respectively.

Surface Pro 4 vs Huawei Matebook: Battery

In the case of Surface Pro 4, you will get a battery capacity which will last up to 9 hours of video playback. The Matebook integrates a powerful 4430mAh battery with support for fast charging technology via USB Type-C port.

Surface Pro 4 vs Huawei Matebook: Operating System

Microsoft has manufactured Surface Pro 4 for premium users. Hence, the company has bundled Windows 10 Pro with 30-day Office trial package. In Huawei Matebook, you have a choice between both Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. The Matebook with 128GB will be likely bundled with Home edition since the device of this storage capacity is primarily oriented for normal users.

Surface Pro 4 vs Huawei Matebook: Advanced Features

Microsoft has integrated Windows Hello face sign-in camera on the front alongside Stereo microphones and speakers with Doby audio premium technology. Moreover, the device also includes a full-size USB 3 port, Headset jack and Mini DisplayPort including microSD card reader. The Matebook manufactured by Huawei only ships with dual digital MIC and Dolby speakers coupled with a USB 3.0 Type-C port and headset jack.

Huawei MateBook
Huawei MateBook

In the case of Surface Pro 4, Microsoft has bundled Surface Pen. However, in Matebook, you have to separately buy MatePen. For both devices, you have to buy the dockable keyboard separately.

While Matebook measures 6.9mm thickness, the Surface Pro 4 offers an increased thickness of 8.45mm, which is higher than what the Matebook offers. The weight of the Matebook is also comparatively lower than Surface Pro 4. If you consider the portability angle, Matebook will be better than Surface Pro 4.

Surface Pro 4 vs Huawei Matebook: Price

The Surface Pro 4 base with 128GB storage and Intel Core M3 processor is available for $701.99 on Amazon, while the Huawei Matebook with 128GB storage and Intel Core M3 is available on Amazon at $499.


Microsoft offers a wide range of models for Surface Pro 4 with a large display and high resolution. Even though Huawei Matebook ships with a low-resolution display, the device ships with fast charging technology via USB Type-C port, which will also serve as a full blown USB 3 port. We would recommend Surface Pro 4 because of its design, finish, and durability.