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Surface Pro 5 Release Date: MWC 2017, with 4K Display, Kaby Lake CPU, Price from $750

Surface Pro 5 release date has been the main talk of the rumor mill over the past few weeks, especially now that MWC 2017 is approaching. The Microsoft hybrid is expected to come with a variety of enhancements in the technical specifications segment, accompanied by updated Windows 10 software.
So without any further ado, let’s dive deeper into what we currently know about Surface Pro 5 rumored release date, price and specs info.

Surface Pro 5 Release Date: Is MWC 2017 a possible scenario?

We should note here that the particular information is conflicting. The industry originally expected the Redmond giant to release the device in October, which is when the former installment was unveiled. Instead, the new Surface Book i7 and Surface Studio were the sole hardware presences of the event.
Since 2017 kicked in, news outlets started floating the idea of Microsoft pushing for a late-February release, more specifically, in Barcelona, during MWC 2017. While that scenario does sound reasonable, recent leaks point toward a different direction.
When it comes to the Surface line-up, Microsoft is consistent in releasing the next generation a short time after a new Windows update. The next Windows 10, dubbed the Creators Update (formally known as Redstone 2), will be rolled out in the spring, most likely April.
Based on that timeline, the Surface Pro 5 should appear sometime between May and June. That is quite a substantial delay, considering that the current version will turn one and a half years of age by then.

Surface Pro 5 Specs: Exciting stuff coming our way or too much hype for nothing?

Despite the major delay, Microsoft might make up for it by bringing a slew of brilliant specs and hardware upgrades.

As far as the CPU is concerned, there are two scenarios. Either Microsoft sticks to its tradition and maintains Intel’s Kaby Lake on, or it shifts to a more mobile-friendly option and goes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon.

With respect to the latter assumption, it is based on the fact that since MSFT demoed Windows 10 running on an ARM processor, the device could switch to a Snapdragon SoC, in an effort to boost battery life.

Nevertheless, we would bet our money on a 7th-generation Intel Kaby Lake Core i7, because, after all, the Surface Pro 5 is a powerful desktop squeezed into the hardware of a tablet.

Furthermore, reports also suggest that the baseline models could undergo a memory boost, meaning that the cheapest variants of the series will come with a proper 16GB RAM.

Additionally, for those eager to get their hands deeper into their pockets, the top-tier should come with a 4K display, while the rest versions will carry the good old 2K one.

In terms of connectivity, Redmond will drop the USB 3.0 import and supplant it with the fresh Type-C one, offering reversible connection and faster charging.

We are also expecting the Surface Pen stylus to be integrated with a rechargeable battery, that charges automatically once magnetically attached to the device. The current model is backed by alkaline AAAA battery.

Surface Pro 5 Pricing and Availability

Since the first generation, the Surface series has maintained a steady pricing model that applies to all markets. Prices start from $899 for the baseline models and go all the way up to $2,000 for the top range, which is what we’ll see with the Surface Pro 5 as well.

Once unveiled, Microsoft will be initially rolling out the device to the United States and UK, with the rest of the countries receiving it within a three-month time frame.

The Surface Pro 4 hit the Indian market in January 2016, hence, should the Pro 5 come out in May, consumers will get their hands on it in early-September.