Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Released in India: Everything you want to know!

Yesterday, Microsoft officially released its much-anticipated Surface Pro 4 lineup in India. It can be pre-ordered exclusively from Amazon India and is expected to ship from its warehouse starting January 14, 2016.

According to Microsoft, Surface Pro 4 is designed with a thickness of 8.45mm to ensure 3 P’s – Portability, Productivity, and Performance.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has the capability to convert into a full-fledged laptop when docked with the compatible keyboard type cover. It leverages the full potential of Windows 10 Pro with support for key features such as Windows Hello, Microsoft Edge, and Cortana.

You will be able to experience the features of Windows 10 Professional version after the initial setup process. If you are a developer, you can install tools such as Visual Studio and SQL Server straight away.

Adobe has also worked closely with Microsoft to introduce touch friendly user interfaces in InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. Hence, you will be able to work with these tools using Surface Pro 4.

Surface Pro 4 comes with 12.3-inch PixelSense Clear Type enabled display which offers a pixel density of 267ppi and 1300:1 contrast ratio. It incorporates a resolution, which is higher than traditional laptops, which enable you to view more content in less area with more clarity. The touch display helps you perform all tasks directly on the display.

128GB / Intel Core i5 – 4GB RAM

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is powered by 6th-generation Intel Core processor that runs cooler due to 14nm manufacturing process.

Surface Pro 4 with the above configuration will be suitable for users who would like to work with applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, web browsing and social media. The processor looks sufficient enough to perform basic tasks. The 4GB RAM will hopefully help multitask without any major lags. The 128GB Solid state drive (SSD) storage can store plenty of files including documents and media files. You can also install software applications that you normally do with a normal desktop/laptop. The device seems suitable for small scale business, home users, and senior citizens.

256GB / Intel Core i5 – 8GB RAM

Surface Pro 4 with this configuration has more room to perform almost the daily computation. The 256GB storage is well enough to install software tools, games, and other applications. The 8GB RAM is aimed at completing tasks very quickly. Moreover, it enables you to multitask easily. The high-end games might run without any lags. This variant looks useful for developers who desire more speed for running multiple applications.

256GB / Intel Core i7 – 8GB RAM

Intel Core i7 processor has a cache speed of 4MB which is higher than Core i5. Hence, your Surface tablet will boot faster.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Intel Core i7 processor helps you to run applications at even higher clocked speed and increased turbo speed. For instance, if you compile an application using Visual Studio, the device automatically adjusts the running speed. If you are a gamer, you may find it useful since it can run all high-end games at maximum resolution without any lags. It can be a good option for multimedia professionals who work on applications such as Adobe Photoshop or AfrerEffects.

256GB / Intel Core i7 – 16GB RAM

If you purchase a Surface Pro 4 tablet with this specification, you can run all the applications currently available on the planet. You will never have to say that your applications are running slower. You will be able to install several applications with the help of 256GB storage. The 16GB RAM enables you to multitask without any lags.

The specification mentioned above is future proof and will be compatible to run future software and games, might come handy for enterprise and business professionals who not only store plenty of files but also want to complete tasks within in less time. However, Surface Pro 4 with this configuration did not release in India yesterday.

128GB / Intel Core i3 – 4GB RAM

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 comes with 8MP primary camera and 5MP front-facing shooter.

This SKU will be useful for beginners and students. The specifications form part of Surface Pro 3, which is available for an open sale from Amazon India. There will be sufficient heat due to the manufacturing process employed in the processor. However, 4GB RAM coupled with 128GB storage is not a bad option for average users.

Surface Pen

The Surface Pen included with the device comes with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. It allows writing notes directly on the browser and share them easily with your friends. The pen includes two sides. The top side is used for writing and drawing. The bottom portion works as an eraser.

In addition to the above Surface variants, Microsoft India also announced a comprehensive range of Surface Pro 4 tablets for commercial customers as per the below configuration.

  • 128GB / CoreM – 4GB
  • 256GB / Core i7 – 16GB
  • 512GB / Core i7 – 16GB

Microsoft India also released optional accessories such as Keyboard Type Cover and Surface Pen. You need to shell out an additional Rs. 12,490 if you require an external keyboard, which has a minor elevation for comfortable typing. An optional power supply unit is also available for Rs. 8,490.

Amazon India has opened special telephone lines to help customers to clarify any doubts regarding Surface products. This feature can be activated by selecting Call me button from the product page and providing your mobile number.


The market is flooded with Intel Atom based 2-in-1’s, which offers only 2GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage. As you can see from the above coverage, Surface Pro 4 offers laptop power in a tablet. Its arrival has inevitably created a new era of tablet revolution at a premium price. Be ready to pay more if you require a tablet with laptop-style configuration!