Microsoft has added a tenth language to it’s cloud based translator. The newly added language is Japanese. The other nine languages are English, French, Mandarin, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese and German.

The feature allows Skype to read Japanese or any of the mentioned languages in a user-preferred language in almost real time. This allows a smooth inter-language conversation.
For now, the feature works only on desktop and the windows app. Exclusivity has never been Microsoft’s forte but the company seems to be sticking to itself as far as artificial intelligence is concerned.

Skype user who used to live in Japan shared his experience with Skype Translator Group, “Being a small city, Kanazawa did not have many English speakers so certain tasks, from ordering food to communicating with work colleges could get really complicated due to the language barrier. I loved the experience and made a lot of local friends, but it would have been amazing to have a reliable translation tool to communicate clearly off the bat.”

“I’m really excited Skype Translator is expanding to include Japanese. It will be an easy and efficient way to keep up with all the friends I made in Kanazawa over the past year.”

Skype also has AI bots that have different functions but most of them are in their nascent stages and aren’t highly efficient. As far as this feature is concerned, only time will tell about its efficiency.