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Microsoft is planning to appoint Satya Nadella as the new CEO

Satya Nadella

After a five month long hunt, Satya Nadella, born in Hyderabad, India have almost secured the seat as company’s new CEO. Yes, Nadella is reported to replace Steve Balmer. The board of directors of the company is quite sure about him to be the third CEO after Balmer and Gates. Due to his deep interest, knowledge and involvement in services offered by Microsoft, he has greater chances of being chosen as the new CEO.

Nadella has been serving the company for more than twenty years and these years he has hold many prestigious positions. Currently he is the cloud chief of Microsoft. In the past, he has worked and leaded in various projects of cloud services, internet search, software, server and various business application division of Microsoft.

Nadella was born in Hyderabad, India where he completed his graduation in electronics engineering from Manipal University. Then he moved to America and completed his Master’s degree in computers.

After completing his masters in business administration he joined Microsoft in 1992. Before this he was attached to Sun Microsystems. And since then he has helped a lot in the financial growth of the company. Since Nadella has took the position of president of server business in the year 2011, the revenue shot up to $20.3.

Apart from all this Microsoft gives a huge credit Nadella for making Microsoft office 365 popular and growing incredibly like its other products. 

Experts also feel that Satya Nadella is the perfect name for the company’s new CEO position, as he has been serving the company for so long. According to the latest rumors, the result will be announced within a week’s time.

Image Source: TNW