Microsoft has filed a new patent application for a foldable smartphone. According to reports, a new patent filing by Microsoft signals the arrival of an unique foldable smartphone with a flexible hinge. This would eventually transform a smartphone into a fully functional tablet.

If the purported Microsoft foldable smartphone becomes a reality, the flexible hinge will enable users to configure the phone in tent mode, which is very similar to that of Lenovo Yoga tablet.

According to a report published in a leading tech portal The Verge, there are modes available for two or three displays. Moreover, it will extend flat out in such a way that the phone looks bigger and more or less like a tablet that is similar to the Redmond-based company’s original courier concept.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also working on a new Surface Pro tablet, which will hit the retail shelves by Q1 2017. Based on leaks available so far, the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will feature an ultra-HD display including a magnetic charging stylus manufactured by Pegatron Technology.

According to sources, Microsoft has entered into a partnership with Pegatron to manufacture the stylus, which will set new benchmarks in the smartphone segment. Meanwhile, Microsoft is also gearing up to produce a new Surface Pen, which will provide support for the Surface Book 5.