Microsoft launched ‘News Pro’, a news delivering service for Apple iOS, powered by Bing News. Being a product from Microsoft Garage, News Pro helps in searching news related to the job and also provides relevant information about the same. The working of this app is similar to that of Flipboard, wherein a topic of interest can be selected.

Usually, other news apps use algorithms for recommending stories based on interest, but News Pro brings a slight twist, as it uses the job title for making suggestions.

First time the app is launched, you have an option to connect it with LinkedIn or Facebook account and once the connection is established, relevant stories would be surfaced in the main feed of the app.

As the app’s name suggests, News Pro, it focuses mainly on professionals who wish to everything about an area of focus or industry quickly. Since it is powered by Bing News, there is no shortage of topics that are surfaced by the app.

The app is relatively simple and doesn’t offer many features apart from few personalization ones. One feature which is very useful is that of ‘Speedy’ which helps in driving out ads as well as other elements from the articles so that they can load quickly and have an easy to read format.

Microsoft adds that the company also considers your interests while giving out suggestions and the best part is that you can unfollow topics that you don’t like and can move beyond recommendations.

Since this app is quite experimental in nature, it is unclear whether Microsoft has plans of making the app big, although the company states that it would continue improving the app based on the feedback of the users.

Microsoft News Pro app doesn’t seem to be available for iOS in the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, if you are in Unites States, you can get the app from the App Store for free of cost.