Microsoft launches a funny website to guess your age


Redmond – Microsoft Corp. [NASDAQ:MSFT] has launched a funny app which can try and estimate your Gender and Age. The feature was released in Build the annual developer conference of Microsoft. The app is part of the Microsoft’s effort to build new Face recognition API.

Microsoft has launched a website wherein users can select pictures and the site tries to guess the gender and age from the face. Users can select the available photos to see how the app works. Users can also search through the Bing Search to search for any image. Users can also upload their images and can see if the app determines their age correctly. Maximum size of photo which can be uploaded on the website is 3MB.  how-old0look

Microsoft’s team is working on new Face recognition API and on the Azure computing program. This program is part of the Oxford Project of Microsoft. This project involves real time streaming of analytics. Microsoft wanted to keep this project limited and have sent invite emails to a few individuals. But the fun website was liked by individuals and soon more than 35,000 people have used the app. Microsoft’s engineers also shared the Dashboard of the website usage in a blog post.

The blog post keep on explaining how the researchers at Microsoft are using Azure Machine Learning Program. Microsoft’s team combines the Face detection technology and the Bing Search functionality to come up with this website. We tried the same with picture of Narender Modi and the app was able to predict his age quite nearly. Mr Modi is actually 64 years old.

The website is buggy and is not able to correctly predict age of a number of photos. Microsoft has given a disclaimer saying that they are sorry if they are not able to determine your age correctly. This feature provides an insight into Microsoft’s future planning for Face recognition program.

This program really shows how companies like Microsoft are working on futuristic technologies which are going to affect the way Consumers interact with one another.

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