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Microsoft To Launch Windows 10 in New Delhi on July 29


India is on the verge of being one of the top 13 countries to host the gigantic launch of the Windows 10 Operating System.

With over a lot of global cities campaigning the idea, New Delhi has also been elected for one of the major launch arenas around.

Around 5 million fans and developers working over the Microsoft operating system are highly amazed by the launch programs settled by the production team.

With special events around 13 places like Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore, New Delhi, Johannesburg, Berlin, Dubai, London, Madrid, Nairobi, Sao Paolo and New York city, fans would be be-wildered by the features that this OS would provide.

The events would recognise demonstrations, facts of the Windows team who has consistently worked hard in developing the product. Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 after its ancestor version of 8.1 across a whopping 190 countries around the world.

They would mark the launch of the new OS on July 29 and would give their users an opportunity for free upgradation on PCs and tablets.

Combined with new features such as Cortana, Microsoft Edge and the Xbox application, the developers state that this OS would revolutionise the computer market with its fast, secured and an easy user interface.

Microsoft is also looking forward to tie up with 10 global and 100 non-profit organisation with a $10 million support for promoting their awareness of the cause.

Nominations have started flooding in from 10 countries that includes the likes of China, India, Australia, Japan, Germay, Kenya, Mexico, United Kingdom and the United States with prizes for the first 100 local winners