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Microsoft expected to launch the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro X 2 this fall

The fall season is the time when Microsoft introduces new Surface devices. This year, as WinFuture reported, there likely will be two Surface devices coming our way, the 12.5-inch Surface Laptop and the Surface Pro X 2.

That said, things aren’t confirmed so far given that Microsoft is yet to officially announce anything on this front. The rumour mills thrive in just such a scenario and as per the latest from them, the upcoming 12.5-inch Surface Laptop will come with an Intel Core i5 processor coupled to a 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of storage. There likely will be a higher specced model as well, one that comes with an 8 GB RAM along with 128 or 256 GB of native storage.

Another notable aspect of the Surface Laptop is that it is tipped to come pre-loaded with Windows 10 Home S. For those not in the knowing, the Windows version also referred to as just the Windows 10 S is, in reality, a more secured version of the Windows 10 platform in that it allows only apps from the Windows Store to be installed.

The usual practice at Microsoft is to offer Windows 10 S on its more affordable Surface devices of the likes of the Surface Go 2. That makes the Windows 10 S perfect for installation on the new Surface Laptop that is also expected to come at a lower price point. Meanwhile, other features being associated with the Surface laptop include Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5 along with power button that also doubles up as the fingerprint sensor.

As for the Surface Pro X 2, it is going to be the successor to the Surface Pro X and will come powered by the new Microsoft SQ2 chipset that the company developed in collaboration with Qualcomm. With the new SQ2 at its core, the new Surface Pro X 2 will come across as an always-on convertible tablet that provides instant connectivity similar to smartphones.

More importantly, the device is reported to come with an x86 64-bit app-emulation software that will help solve the compatibility issues that are common with ARM-based processors when running some Windows apps. Elsewhere, the Surface Pro X 2 will have the same form factor as all Surface devices.

Specs-wise, the device will have 8 GB or 16 GB of memory along with 512 GB of storage on the top model. Expect battery life to be in the vicinity of 15 hours or maybe even more given that ARM-based chips excel on this front.

More details are awaited. Stay tuned.


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