Home News Microsoft Enhances Windows Photos App with AI-Powered Eraser Tool

Microsoft Enhances Windows Photos App with AI-Powered Eraser Tool

Microsoft Enhances Windows Photos App with AI-Powered Eraser Tool

Microsoft is bringing the power of generative AI to its built-in Windows Photos app, introducing a new “Generative Erase” feature. This powerful tool gives users the ability to seamlessly remove unwanted objects or people from their images with just a few clicks or brush strokes.

Key Highlights

  • AI-powered tool for removing unwanted elements from photos.
  • Available in the Windows Photos app for Windows 10 and 11 (Arm64 devices).
  • Enhanced version of the Photos app’s previous Spot Fix feature.
  • Generates realistic results to fill the areas where objects were erased.

Microsoft Enhances Windows Photos App with AI-Powered Eraser Tool

The Generative Erase Feature

Microsoft’s new Generative Erase feature marks a significant upgrade from the app’s previous Spot Fix tool. While Spot Fix functioned as a simpler spot-removal tool, Generative Erase integrates the power of generative AI. This means that when an object or person is erased, the AI analyzes the surrounding image and replaces the erased space with content it predicts would naturally be there, ensuring a realistic and seamless edit.

The tool can handle a variety of scenarios, from removing background distractions to erasing photobombers and other unwanted figures.

How to Use Generative Erase

Using the Generative Erase feature is straightforward:

  1. Open the image in the Windows Photos app.
  2. Select Edit image.
  3. Choose the Erase option.
  4. Use the brush tool with adjustable size to paint over the object you want to remove.
  5. The AI-powered system will take care of the rest, replacing the erased portion with generated content.

Similar Features on Other Platforms

Microsoft isn’t the first to offer this type of AI-enhanced photo editing. Google’s “Magic Eraser” and Samsung’s “Object Eraser” offer similar capabilities on their respective mobile devices. Microsoft’s advantage is making this technology accessible from a user’s desktop or laptop through a convenient, built-in application.

More on Generative AI

  • Explain the basics: Add a section explaining generative AI in simple terms. Describe how it differs from traditional editing and why it’s better for tasks like object removal. You can say something like:

    “Generative AI works by analyzing massive amounts of images to understand how the real world looks. It learns how to fill in missing spaces in a photo realistically, taking into account things like shadows, textures, and perspective.”

Potential Applications

  • Beyond photo editing: Briefly discuss how generative AI could be used in other Windows apps for tasks like:
    • Automatically generating creative backgrounds for PowerPoint slides.
    • Suggesting text completions for emails in Outlook.
    • Creating 3D models in programs like Paint 3D.


The Generative Erase feature is currently available to Windows Insiders using Windows 10 or Windows 11 on Arm64 devices. A wider rollout for all users is expected in the near future. To use Generative Erase, ensure your Photos app is updated to version 2024.11020.21001.0 or higher.

The Power of Generative AI in Everyday Tasks

Microsoft’s integration of generative AI into the Windows Photos application demonstrates the growing potential of this technology to streamline everyday tasks. We can expect to see AI-powered enhancements across a broader range of software in the near future, offering users more efficient and intuitive ways to interact with and manipulate digital content.