One of the popular cross-platform mobile messaging app – WhatsApp has launched their web version of its service for millions of users for the first time around six months back. The WhatsApp Web allows users to send and receive WhatsApp messages in Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Safari as long as you are using WhatsApp on an Android smartphone.

Unfortunately at present, WhatsApp is not able to provide WhatsApp Web service to Internet Explorer or Microsoft’s Windows 10 brand new web browser dubbed Edge and for iOS users due to Apple platform restrictions.

According to the latest Windows Central report, a Microsoft programme manager – Greg exposed that the Microsoft is, in fact, working to get WhatsApp Web support to Edge via his Twitter account.

Still there is no solid time frame announced by Greg, regarding the WhatsApp Web support to Edge. But, Microsoft has assured to keep Windows 10 updated with all new upcoming features on an ongoing basis, so we can expect that WhatsApp Web will be available soon on Windows 10 Edge browser.