Microsoft Corporation reportedly plans to acquire BlackBerry Limited

Canadian telecommunications company BlackBerry Ltd. (NASDAQ: BBRY) has once again made their ways into the news with lot of gossiping taking place about its acquisition, and this time there’s Microsoft at the other end of the story.

Sources even claim that few other tech companies like Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei are also amongst those interested in positively spinning their chances off with BlackBerry.

Microsoft is reportedly working with few investment firms to assess their chances of taking over BlackBerry, planning to upgrade its intensity in the business mobile solution segment and its patent portfolio in the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), as well as mobile platform and communications sectors.

Sources also claim that Chinese smartphone manufacturers are mainly intended to invest in BlackBerry so that they can improve their brand visibility across US and European business sectors.

Nothing has been affirmed recently yet. Also, BlackBerry has frequently been tipped to be ready for buying out; still it’s yet to be taking place. According to sources, Blackberry products in software business complement Microsoft.

The move comes right after BlackBerry as of late declared that it will lay off number of employments across the globe and will merge its device software, hardware and applications business.

Moreover, Blackberry additionally said that it was changing assets to profit by development opportunities and accomplish benefit over all regions of business.

Reports show that the company is scaling down in their cell phone division; in any case, it is hiring individuals in sales and marketing areas. The BlackBerry website records 100 employment opportunities that incorporate 69 in North America and 31 in Waterloo.


  1. I just read that this was nothing more than a rumour, and that there really is no chance that Microsoft will kill, I mean buy Blackberry.

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