According to a page on Microsoft’s website, the company will no longer be accepting bitcoins as a fashion of payment for Windows 10. Reports say Bitcoins will not be accepted for purchases on the Windows 10 as well as the Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft started accepting bitcoins as a mode of payment for purchases as well as gift cards, in December 2014.

Why the company has revoked bitcoins as a method of payment is unknown. For those on either of these platforms, you will not be able to add any bitcoin balance to your ‘Microsoft Account’ anymore.

If you should have any bitcoin balance, which was already added to your ‘Microsoft Account’ before this announcement, you will still be able to redeem it on the Store. Any account balance in bitcoins although redeemable on the Store, will not be refunded by Microsoft according to their statement.

Xbox users have reported that they are still able to use their bitcoin balance to make purchases on the Store. So if you have a Xbox, you will still be able to use your bitcoin balance from your ‘Microsoft Account’.

Earlier in 2014, Microsoft made a statement which made it clear that they’re adoption of bitcoins as a method of payment was in light of the success rate at which the new digital currency was accepted. It may be so that Microsoft is pulling out now because the bitcoin is not as popular among regular customers as they imagined it would be.