Chicago – Microsoft Chief Executive, Terry Myerson, criticized the update plans of Google for its Android platform calling it to be a no responsibility approach. Myerson made the comments in Chicago during the Microsoft Ignite Conference’s opening day.

He also announced the launch of new security features that will arrive along with the release of Windows 10 later this year.

According to Myerson, his company will be providing the users a novel choice range for updating software and operating the new Windows 10 system. The company will also be delivering updates for the enterprise systems and consumer devices along and will introduce a new service-Windows Update for Business. This new service is targeted at the end-user devices in the businesses.

The new software will give the users an option of distribution rings in which the users can update their software in different waves depending upon their needs. According to Myerson, this will save the users from pushing the button for getting software updates every month all at one time.

The new application is expected to provide the customers a choice in updating their system immediately as the updates come or doing it later on to ensure all the updates are running smoothly and are tested.

According to Myerson, securing the device in the high profile and complex landscape of today is very difficult and can be done updating the system and patching it proactively and regularly.

He said that Microsoft is currently delivering regular consumer updates to around 858 million users across the globe on the second Tuesday of every month via Windows Update.

Google Users Left with No Commitment

During the Conference, Myerson also made an attack on Google stating that the company does not take any responsibility for updating the devices of its customers that run on the Android mobile operating system.

According to him, this leaves the users with no regular updates or commitment towards updating their devices. The report of the conference was published on The Verge.