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Microsoft Band 2 gets an update includes new music controls and activity reminders

Today, several new features have been announced exclusively for Microsoft Band. These feature that the customers have been demanding since a long time. New additions include an enhanced and improved Exercise Tile, activity reminders, new music controls and much more.

Even if the phone is away, music can now be controlled directly from the new Microsoft Band 2. It features a full-color touchscreen that displays the title of the song and allows you to skip back and forward, adjust the volume and play or pause the song.

Since Microsoft have partnered with Spotify, users are sure to get perfect tunes this holiday season. If a music app is being used on the phone, use Bluetooth for connecting it to the phone. The exciting part is that music controls of Microsoft Band can be used anywhere and at any time.

Apart from the music control feature, Microsoft Band helps you stay active and them to move if you have been still for long. You can choose the days and time intervals in which you wish to get reminders.

In case reminders aren’t wanted, say while driving or sleeping, a time period can be set accordingly.

Exercise Tile is another new feature that allows you to track your favorite exercises, heart rate, calorie burn, and duration. Traditional options like weightlifting, yoga and many more can be selected.

While reviewing exercise sessions in Web Dashboard or Microsoft Health app, the observations and summaries would be grouped as per the type of exercise, so that better insights can be offered.

With ‘What’s New’ Tile, new features for the Microsoft Band can be easily viewed. Whenever there is the availability of a new update, tap the tile, and you would get to know about new functionalities and features.

Microsoft Band 2 is available to buy for a price tag of $249.99 at and other retail stores of Microsoft.