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MG Hector launches Gloster, the first SUV with Level 1 autonomous feature in India

Adding to the several firsts that MG Motor introduced in India is the new MG Gloster which comes with Level 1 Autonomous features. That makes it the only car of its type to have been launched in the country. The company had earlier introduced the Hector and ZS EV, the first connected car and internet electric SUV to go on sale in the country respectively.

Elaborating further, MG Motor said the new Gloster comes with the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). The system offers several safety features such as the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Automatic Energy Braking (AEB), and Automatic Parking Assist (APA). Then there also is the Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), and Blind Spot Detection (BSD) system onboard the SUV.

All of the above features along with plenty more makes the new Gloster one of the most technologically advanced SUV launched in its segment. For instance, the ACC ensures you are always maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles. And should there be an anomaly in that, the FCW will warn you of an impending crash well in time for you to take corrective measures. The AEB also kicks in by applying automatic brakes to prevent a collision.

mg gloster instrumentation

Also, in what should appeal to the off-road enthusiasts, the Gloster comes with an Intelligent All Terrain System that provides power to all four wheels via a dedicated rear differential and BorgWarner transfer case. The system supports electronic shift-on-the-fly technology, which means the system can be engaged while on the move. The system also offers seven distinct driving modes – Snow, Mud, Sand, Eco, Sport, Normal, and Rock.

The onboard MG i-SMART technology also adds immensely to the user experience. Take, for instance, the Critical Tyre Pressure Voice Alert or the Shortpedia App that will provide you will short news snippets while on the move. Then there is the Anti-Theft Immobilization via Smartphone, which is another cool safety feature wherein you have the option to halt the engine ignition remotely using your smartphone.

You also get 3D maps sourced from MayMyIndia where COVID testing centres are highlighted. The SUV offers Apple Watch connectivity as well, besides allowing Gaana app operation via voice commands. You can set personalized greeting and welcome messages too.

Coming to its under-the-hood features, the Gloster is powered by a 2-litre twin-turbo diesel with 218 PS of power and 480 Nm of torque, making it the most powered in its class in the country. The interior features comfortable captain seats along with a 12.3-inch HD touchscreen, the largest ever on an SUV in India. There are 64 colour ambient lighting too, as is a sunroof to let nature in. A PM 2.5 filter will ensure you get to breathe fresh air at all times.

Colour options with the MG Gloster include Agate Red, Metal Black, Metal Ash, and Warm White. Orders are currently being accepted with a booking amount of Rs. 100,000 in the over 200 MG Motor centres across India or via the company homepage.