Meet Wonobo, a Perfect Google street View Alternative

Who needs Google Street View when you have a native mapping service is available at your disposal. Yes, Mumbai-based Gensys, a geopolitical domain in partnership with the Indian Government has launched an entertaining and informative mapping service – Wonobo that offers a 3D view of cities, similar to Google’s street view.

Wonobo – A Perfect Substitute for Google Street View

The site with address has been launched by 2 brothers Sol and Sajid Malik. It takes you through some of the famous cities of the country, popular eateries there and parks and forts. So far, information pertaining to only 12 major cities can be found but the website promises to add more in the near future. As many as 20 cities are expected to be added in a week’s time. The site will later be linked to incredible India website.

The duo, Sajid and Sol after capturing hundreds and thousands of images of streets across various cities in India have stitched them together to create 360-degree panoramic views of the streets almost like how Google has done in other parts of the world.

Wonobo shows a map on the left side of the screen and street view on the right you can switch between the full view of the map and the street view being zoomed. One simply has to enter the name of a city and then search for his home, office or a favorite restaurant. Interestingly, towards left you can also find guide that educates you about city sites and what’s making news at the moment. Here, you can click anywhere in the map to load the respective street view.

As mentioned in the article other than the street view, you can get

  • Inside Maps
  • Direction and Routing
  • Walking Tours
  • Guides
  • Stories

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