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Mastering Writing Skills: 8 Online Resources to Check

It seems that writing skills are essential almost for everyone in the modern world. Thus, studying in school and college is impossible without finishing papers and essays. Having a degree, many will start looking for a job – and then employers require us to write a strong motivation letter.

Fortunately, mastering your writing skills is relatively easy in the digital age. You just have to turn to a helpful platform – and we’ve gathered 8 of them.

750 words

One of the greatest methods to improve your writing skills is to practice daily. It’s a simple truth: in order to do something well, you need to do it constantly. And the 750 words platform can definitely help you with that. In addition, it will appeal to those who practice freewriting.

Basically, all you need to do is write 750 words every day. Who knows, maybe someday a wonderful novel will come out of this. Besides, it’s possible to share the results of your work with other users in case you enjoy the competition.

Every day you will receive a notification: “We know you have not written anything yet.” Of course, this message is supposed to motivate you to work harder.

However, staying focused can be difficult due to the lack of stress and tension we face nowadays. Working on a text, whether it’s a blog article or college paper, requires time and energy.

When students simply don’t have them, they struggle to finish their assignments. Thus, outsourcing one’s paper to professional writers seems to be an amazing solution. Before turning to a particular essay help platform, take a look at the best essay writing services to find out which one suits your requirements.

When you find a service you want to work with, make sure or your service is in choice of service on EssayPro reviews. Here are the best services for essay writing!

Portent Content Idea Generator

Probably each of us might have experienced a lack of inspiration while thinking through the paper’s title. No doubt, we all need to look at the topic from a new angle or perspective sometimes. So, if you spent the last hour looking at the screen, struggling to come up with a title for the work, we have good news for you.

Portent has developed a content idea generator to address your problem. The service is user-friendly: just enter your subject into the search box and let the tool work miracles. You will receive endless catchy blog or article titles as well as tips on how to develop your creativity and take your content to the next level.


Scrivener is a text editor and a project management tool with a nice interface. It is designed for people who have to work with large amounts of text, whether you’re an author, journalist, screenwriter, or researcher. Scrivener makes it much easier to track the storyline and structure of the text.

For each document, you can come up with a short summary (a synopsis). Then these fragments of text are placed on a special board in the form of leaflets.

Working on a project, you are probably doing some research. So, when you create a new project in Scrivener, you automatically get a Research folder where you can store additional data. It can be not only text notes, but also PDF, audio materials, and images.


Hemingway is a web service and application for Windows and OS X that will come in handy for anyone working with texts. Ernest Hemingway was famous for his laconic and simple writing style.

Named after the writer, this platform finds sentences that are overly complex and helps to shorten them. Thus, the readability is improved and the text is easier for readers to comprehend.

Hemingway identifies the complexity of each sentence and suggests which ones should be simplified. This is done based on the number of verbs and the use of the passive voice.


This online service based on artificial intelligence has already gained popularity among users around the world. It does an excellent job of finding mistakes such as:

  • Unnoticed typos and spelling;
  • Words misused in context;
  • Commonly confused words;
  • Redundant words;
  • Misuse of articles and pronouns;
  • The wrong use of idioms and phrasal verbs.

Moreover, Grammarly offers you tips that are grouped into 4 categories: correctness of the text, its clarity, vocabulary, and style.

Merriam – Webster Online

Of course, a rich vocabulary is essential for every writer, and turning to an online dictionary is the simplest way to broaden it.

Merriam – Webster Online is one of the most prominent and authoritative resources on the Internet. This dictionary provides extensive information about words and phrases, including examples of their use, pronunciation, and a list of synonyms.


Storyist is one of the most popular programs used by fiction writers and screenwriters. This platform gives tips on how to improve your writing style.

It also allows you to track key characters and storylines as it has functions linked to scripting. It is quite useful for bringing all your research, plot sketches, and character bios together in one place.

Once you’re done writing, Storyist’s various editing options can help keep your final document clean. There are also a built-in dictionary and thesaurus in order to choose the right words.

Besides, there is a word count function and numerous options for formatting. You can also insert headers, footers, comments, and images to improve your work.

Write or Die

The creators of the Write or Die platform claim that this tool is designed to overcome the writer’s block, the fear of the blank page as well as procrastination. How does it work?

This app simply prevents you from being distracted. As long as you write, your doc is completely fine. But if you stop, there are unpleasant consequences.

For example, if you stop typing, your already written text begins to disappear or all vowels start vanishing from it. There are other options for «punishment» – the application may start making unpleasant sounds.

Of course, not all settings are as weird. But if you feel that risk, play, and deadlines motivate your creativity, then Write or Die is the best solution to stay productive.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, the ability to express your thoughts in the written form is important in any profession, whether you’re an aspiring screenwriter, marketer, or scientist.

Whether you’re writing fiction, college essays, or blog posts, being able to deliver your message clearly will lead you to success. Of course, to become a good writer, you need to constantly hone your skills. Useful platforms will help you with that.