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Mastering the Swipe: iOS 17’s Game-Changing Gesture in Messages

Apple’s iOS 17 has brought about numerous changes, but one tiny yet significant feature in the Messages app stands out: Swipe to Reply. This feature, which has been a staple for WhatsApp users for years, is now available for iPhone users, and it’s a game-changer.

A Much-Awaited Feature

While major iOS updates often bring flashy new user interfaces and groundbreaking features, sometimes it’s the smaller tweaks that make the most difference. The Swipe to Reply feature in iOS 17’s Messages app is a testament to that. Previously, Apple only provided a somewhat cumbersome long-press option to reply to messages, which also allowed users to copy or translate messages or react with an emoji. Now, with a simple swipe, users can swiftly reply to messages, especially in bustling group chats.

How It Works

  1. Swipe Right: Open the Messages app and locate the message you wish to reply to within a conversation. Swipe right on the message, and a reply arrow will appear on the left. Release when the arrow pops up.
  2. Reply: This action creates an isolated thread. Simply type your response and hit send. This feature allows users to maintain specific conversation topics within the created thread, ensuring group messages remain organized and clutter-free.

A Welcome Change for iMessage Users

For years, WhatsApp has provided a convenient method for users to quickly reply to specific messages using a simple swiping gesture. Before iOS 17, while the Messages app on the iPhone did allow users to reply in a dedicated thread, it required a press and hold action, which many found cumbersome. Now, with the introduction of the Swipe to Reply gesture in iOS 17, replying to messages has become more intuitive and efficient.

In Conclusion

  • The Swipe to Reply feature in iOS 17’s Messages app enhances the user experience by making replies quicker and more organized.
  • This feature has been popular among WhatsApp users for years and is now available for iPhone users.
  • The simple gesture allows for streamlined group chats and individual conversations.
  • Small quality-of-life features like Swipe to Reply significantly enhance the overall user experience in iOS 17.

With iOS 17, Apple continues to refine and improve the user experience, and the Swipe to Reply feature in the Messages app is a brilliant addition that users will surely appreciate.