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Maruti Suzuki’s fuel efficient Celerio to be launched next month

Noticeably, the car companies seems to be betting on the small car segment these days. Keeping with the trend, Maruti is bringing a new small car in the market in the coming months. Celerio is to be launched in two transmissions – One with automatic transmission, able to deliver mileage up to 20 kmpl. This one-liter petrol car will come in automatic and manual variants and will fall within the range of Rs. 4 lakhs.

This car from Maruti Suzuki is expected to be launched during next month’s Auto Expo 2014. This one-liter petrol car in two transmissions will be one of its kinds in Indian roads. Usually, it is believed that the automatic transmission of a car offers a mileage efficiency, which is far lesser than what a person gets with manual transmission. However, this is where Celerio vouches to score points with consumers.

According to the official sources, this car will strive to offer good mileage even with its automatic variant. The automatic transmission of Celerio will have the option to be driven even in the manual mode. Further, India will be the first country where Suzuki will unveil this newly developed technology via Celerio.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio
Maruti Suzuki Celerio

Sources have also reported that the technology was developed over the period of three years by Maruti’s Japanese partner Suzuki Motor Corp. The newly developed technology sought to raise the fuel efficiency of the automatic variant, which can match the mileage efficiency offered by the manual variant. In Indian market, the manual variant of the new car will also be made available to the consumers.

The higher fuel costs and the faster degeneration of the automatic variant of any car have until date, restrained the growth of demand for automatic transmission car in India. Maruti is well set to introduce the comfort of automatic drive to large consumer base in India where it has been a household name since decade.

Currently, the reports suggest that Maruti may launch 50,000 to 60,000 units of the car in its first year. The car will come only in petrol engine and will be available in manual as well as manual along with automatic variant.

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