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Make Your Valentine’s Day a Perfect Date Night with ViewSonic Projectors and Monitors

As the season of love is just around the corner, we can see the shops and marketplaces filled with gifts like roses, chocolates, teddies, grooming and beauty products. So, show your loyalty and love this valentine’s week with novel gifts.

Choosing the PERFECT valentine’s gift for your partner can sometimes be gruelling! We at ViewSonic have the ideal present suggestion for you to pamper your special one in a way that is different from giving them flowers or chocolates. Strengthening your bond with them, this valentine’s day, choose to spend time with ViewSonic’s best tech-enabled projectors and monitors.

ViewSonic X1 and X2 LED Projector

Recently launched, ViewSonic X1 and X2 LED Projector is a must-buy if you want to spend a good time with your loved ones at home. Elegantly designed for home entertainment space, the projector creates a lovely atmosphere for you and your partner to spend quality time together. You can surprise your better half by giving them a package-filled show with their favourite movie, a candlelight dinner, and a sweet note.                                                                                                                                          Owing to its stylish design, adapting enhanced audio experience, the projectors are embedded with a built-in Harman Kardon speaker, and custom-built-in speakers giving perfect home screenings of movies. So celebrate your magical evening in a luxurious setting, privately, at home with your loved ones.

The projectors are available at Amazon for INR 1,26,999 and INR 1,43,517 respectively.

TD1655 Full HD Touch Monitor

During this season of love bring a smart gifter with ViewSonic that expresses your love like nothing else. ViewSonic portable TD1655 full HD touch monitor is a perfect gift with features including portability, sturdiness and screen extension from laptops, tablets and phones. The monitor allows multitasking with a compact design making it possible to carry it anytime, anywhere for your date. The monitor comes with a pivot-table display to support various working angles and take their work-leisure setup up a notch. This Valentine, let your beloved ones celebrate the serenity with the perfect equipped tech-enabled monitor.

The monitor is available on Amazon for INR 26,799

ViewSonic M2e Projector

you to spend quality time with your partner or, better half at home, the ViewSonic M2e projector cherishes your romantic relationship and helps you embrace their presence.Its portability and light weight make it an ideal gift for any tech enthusiast. One of the best characteristics of the gadget is Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology, which enables quick autofocus in an ultra-light. It also has a built-in streaming feature and supports simple screen mirroring from cellphones, making it a perfect choice for your valentine’s gift. For a perfectly romantic day out, the M2e projector delivers full HD resolution and cinematic colours covering 125% Rec.709 supported by ViewSonic’s industry-leading 2nd generation LED technology. The projector also comes integrated with Harmon Kardon speakers, which enhance the atmosphere for a perfect movie date.

VA2215-H Monitor

The ViewSonic VA2215-H is the ideal present for your partner equipped with attractive feature like clear and stunning display quality. It has trending features at a highly affordable price with a wide range of viewing angles which makes it easy and comfortable to use. The monitor can be fixed as per the choice, comes with an amazing setup, flexibility and eye care technology to ensure uninterrupted experience. It is a perfect combination of tech and comfort while being with your partner. You can’t miss this love season gifting at a fantastic price.

The monitor is available on Amazon for INR 6,249

VX2405-P-MHD Gaming Monitor

The ViewSonic VX2405-P-MHD is the ideal present if your partner loves gaming. It has latest features at a highly affordable price with full HD display, HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity, so while gaming together you can enjoy smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience. With a refresh rate of 144Hz, 1ms response time and AMD FreeSync Premium Technology, the IPS monitor facilitates an incredible and seamless gaming experience for your partner. Additionally, the monitor offers smooth pixel transition making it an apt gift for tech-antiquates. The monitor is also equipped with a sharpness to the screen’s darkest and brightest colours, giving images sense of depth, The display is capable of showing over 16.7 million colours a source of wonderful gaming experience at an amazing price.

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