It’s becoming more and more difficult in today’s global market. Differentiating your business from competitors is an uphill battle as trends merge and change. The battle for business is fierce.

Not only can you enhance CX, efficiency, and communication with mobile messaging, but you can go one step further. Ensure consumers know who you are with branded dedicated virtual numbers for SMS. Recipients will always know who’s messaging.

Branding isn’t merely having a recognizable logo or a great slogan. Branding can sometimes be overlooked as just a visual representation of a business. But it’s much more. It beholds the business’ values, message, style, and overall character.

A strong brand can establish a business as having lifelong loyalty to its customers. And being memorable has a competitive advantage; you become top of mind and well trusted.

Having a brand name and logo is a good start, but what about a dedicated virtual number for your business? Consistency is the key to successful branding. Set up your own dedicated number for a consistent and identifiable sender ID. Give your business greater visibility for all SMS sent from your messaging account.

Sending out personalized SMS campaigns from a recognizable dedicated number reinforces the emotional connection consumers have with your brand. Ensure that your subscribers can identify your text messages instantly.

What is a virtual SMS number?

Also known as a virtual mobile number, a virtual SMS number refers to a phone number that allows the sender to send bulk SMS from a mobile messaging gateway. It’s standard practice for these numbers to be shared when it comes to sending messages en masse as it is much more cost-effective.

A dedicated virtual SMS number belongs to an individual parent account that allows you to send SMS from the same number every time. Think of it as your unique number that customers can recognize with ease. Dedicated numbers come with an array of extra features, such as two-way texting, enabling your recipients to reply and begin a one-on-one conversation directly with you.

Dedicated numbers enable customer-initiated engagements to message you directly on your number. Not just in response to messages that you send them, streamlining support services. Having a dedicated SMS code can be beneficial and adds credibility to your brand.

Sender ID

Sender ID, also known as ‘From Address,’ is the contact name, word, or number that a message appears to be sent from. Containing up to 16 digits or 11 characters, you can customize your Sender ID for outgoing SMS through a robust SMS gateway.

However, if you plan on utilizing two-way SMS, the Sender ID must include the valid two-way SMS number you would like to use. Custom names and words cannot receive SMS, therefore unable to implement two-way SMS.

Long code and short code

Both long codes and short codes are utilized for business SMS, especially two-way texting, so it’s worthwhile knowing the difference between the two virtual numbers.

Although each business uses SMS differently, both long codes and short codes are essential to form the basis of any mobile messaging campaign.

Long code

Also known as the long virtual number, long code is a unique 10-digit phone number that is usually tied to an area code and looks like a local mobile number.

Long codes are used by businesses to send and receive SMS messages and voice calls, particularly for Person-To-Person (P2P) communications. Long virtual numbers can send only one message per second. Due to these factors, long codes are used primarily for two-way messaging, such as customer service and chat support.

Short code

Short codes are 5-6 digit numbers used to send and receive SMS. Unlike long code numbers, short codes are easily memorable, with only 5-6 numerals to remember. As such, they are perfect for branded marketing messages.

Short codes support high-volume, Application-To-Person (A2P) messaging, reaching many recipients all at once. Bulk SMS notifications and SMS marketing campaigns are advanced communication, and short code aids getting your message to the masses.

Two-way SMS also allows the recipient to respond to the sender. Meaning you could send personalized text message promotions and offers to your subscribers and receive immediate replies.

Final word

Dedicated numbers make it easy for customers to interact with your brand. Customers can quickly get in touch with you without the extra steps that shared virtual numbers come with.

A strong brand is vital to achieving marketing success. What better way to develop your brand than leveraging a robust SMS gateway? Personalized mobile messaging can take your brand to the next level and establish a loyal customer base for your business.

If you want a distinct and powerful brand presence, then obtaining a dedicated number for enterprise SMS should be your go-to course of action.