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Make it Fast: How to Fix Lag in Runescape and OSRS

In MMOs, lag is a universal problem. Even OSRS and Runescape, games that need very little hardware resources, lag from time to time. Good thing there are ways to solve that rather pesky issue. Read up if you want to learn how to deal with that slow down and finally farm OSRS gold.

More than One, More than Once

When it comes to online gaming, there are two kinds of lag: FPS lag and internet lag. The former occurs because your computer has problems running the game. The latter, on the other hand, accounts for 99% of lag issues. In fact, Jagex has been working with ISPs in the UK and a few western countries so that the game can run more smoothly.

Still, it’s important to determine which lag you’re experiencing. To do that, listen to the audio, as this is being streamed rather than generated by your GPU. If there’s a bit of stuttering or delay, then you’re having internet lag.

It’s On Your Unit

While it’s unlikely that the lag is FPS lag, we’re still going to put the game’s very low system minimum requirements:

  • Processor: Intel i5/i7 or AMD Athlon X2
  • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD or nVidia GeForce 1xx and up
  • Memory: 4GB DDR3+
  • Renderer: DirectX or OpenGL

If your PC doesn’t meet these requirements, it’s time that you upgrade it. Not only because it struggles to run Runescape or OSRS, but because it’s already underpowered.

But if you really have no plans to upgrade, you can lower the game’s graphics settings. On the menu, go to graphics, and select which general settings in the Manual Setup you’re going to go with. You can go with Min, Low, Mid, or High, or select Custom and come up with your own combination of settings.

Move Past the Browser

Now onto the internet lag solutions. The first one is rather simple but can also be something you haven’t done yet: check the server status. Sometimes, it’s not you, but the server itself. Check out the community forums and official website to see if the problem is on Jagex’s end. If there are no advisories, then the problem is on you.

If you’re a browser-based player and suffer from the lag, switch to the NXT client. It’s definitely less of a hassle to just play on the browser, but the NXT client makes a huge difference.

In case you can’t use the NXT client, go to the official Runescape Knowledgebase’s troubleshooting guide. You can also refer to it if you don’t want to switch to the NXT client and prefer a browser-based experience.

The community also has a compendium of bug fixes. You can check them out on the official forums, YouTube, and even Reddit.

Flushing and Utilities

If your NXT client or browser experience works fine, then your connection is definitely to blame. But before you try the more advanced fixes, you need to make sure that your connection is actually fit for gaming (4MBPS and higher). If it is, then your first step is to flush the DNS cache. You can either Google how or check the official Knowledgebase.

Also, while not recommended, if you trust Runescape, you can turn off the firewall. This will boost the game’s speed but sacrifice security. But if that’s too risky for you, just rely on Network Enhancement Utilities. These are programs that use various methods to reduce ping and latency to game servers. A good example is Kill Ping, which has been proven to work well with Runescape. You can check some products that are useful for fitness conscious people.

It’s always best to have a smooth Runescape experience. With these tips, you’ll achieve exactly that.

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