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How to make your home ‘smart’ by using home automation IoT devices

IoT is the next big that has the power and resources to change the phase of the world. We already see products and brands actively coming out on the market with a fascinating approach toward automation of electronics and gadgets. IoT is a platform that can be implemented in any form be it car accessories, speakers, bulbs; anything is possible with it. In today’s article, we will be taking a closer look at a few of the IoT devices that will make your home a smart home. Also, you can check the Trustworthy Carpet Reviews if you want to buy carpets for your smart home.

  1. Honeywell Lyric Thermostat: Honeywell is a pretty reputed brand that has a fair share of IoT products in India as well. The Lyric thermostat instead of relying on the motion, it makes use of the Geofencing to detect if you are in the vicinity of a pre-set area by which it will determine either to turn on or off the electronic items automatically. For example, if you are on your way to home, Honeywell Lyric will automatically turn-ons the Air conditioner to keep your home cool. You will have to feed the time schedules beforehand for it to function. It comes with Heating, Venting, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) control. To find perfect air conditioner and gadgets for your home, check out GearHungry.
  2. Sentri: Sentri is a handy IoT smart home product that is used to monitor your home as your security system as well as the temperature. It comes with a 360-degree camera within which lets you view your house remotely. It is less expensive than a traditional home security system and does not require any installation as such.
  3. Canary: This is a perfect choice for those who wish to keep an eye on the home security remotely, and the device alerts you to any intrusions. It comes with a camera to look out for your house’s surroundings and a siren that will be useful in case of any break-ins. It learns your habits as to when you’re home and doesn’t alert when you opened the door.
  4. Amazon Echo Dot: Smart speakers are a way of living when a company like Amazon is in for some action. The Amazon Echo dot is a perfect partner for all your daily needs. The Alexa smart assistant responds to your queries, searches the web, sets the alarm, turns on/ off lights, and much more.  You can control it via your smartphone or just by saying Alexa hot keyword. You can place it anywhere in your house to work. The low-cost Amazon Echo dot is a must-have product if you are aiming at making your home smarter.
  5. Tado Cooling: Instead of replacing the old Air conditioner with a new one, you can simply pick a Tado cooling device as it will help regulate your house temperature. It will automatically auto adjust the temperatures according to your activities and function accordingly. Having such smart IoT products around is an advantage because it eliminates the need to change the temperatures manually all the time.

Though the IoT segment is every growing with every passing day, we tied our hands on the few products that we feel are a great addition to your home to make it smarter and use it the way you wish to.

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