Major design overhaul hits Instagram, enlarges photos on the desktop site

The popular online photo-sharing social networking service, Instagram has just got a major design and visual overhaul on the desktop site. Starting today, your photos on the desktop of Instagram will look much bigger, smooth and elegant than ever before.

Frankly, browsing the Instagram website has always been so painful than its app. It wouldn’t be wrong if I go on to call it a punishment for not using the mobile app. We get to access a limited number of options on Instagram’s website compared to its app.

The overhaul reflects the look of profile pages in Instagram’s mobile app. Earlier, users’ pictures were laid out in lines of rows under their bio, with an extra set of pictures over the bio.

With the most recent changes made to the site, that space is now uprooted and photographs on profile pages are laid out in columns of three, much the same as in the app, and they have also been enlarged a bit.

Some of the borders and shading on the desktop site have additionally been evacuated. What’s more, users’ profile pics, as well as photos, followers and following counts, show up the same style as on mobile app.

An Instagram spokesperson told Gizmodo that the web redesign is a piece of an attention on making the server more web-friendly, including that last month Instagram’s newish embed feature, which offers sites an ability to embed posts on third party sites, brought over 4.7 billion hits.


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