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Main Benefits of Moving to an Electronic Document Management System

Today, many companies are still using paper to create regulated documents.  While there may be some barriers to overcome when implementing an electronic documents system, the benefits far outweigh the potential difficulties.  We’ve identified some key benefits associated with moving to a paperless office environment.

Helps to Facilitate Collaboration

An electronic document management system (EDMS) is a great option if your business involves collaboration between different stakeholders.  EDMS can easily improve collaboration levels both internally and externally through web-based environments and workflow.  This will also help you keep on top of where a document is in the review and approval process.

Increased Version Control

An electronic document management system comes with built-in version control.  This allows you to instantly version documents and ensure that people can access the full document history.  As different people are working on the same document, problems relating to multiple copies of documents are resolved.  Also, there is no need to distribute different copies of a file via email, as everyone can access the original file.  Plus, EDMS also offer tools to help drive document management and ensure that filing is done in a timely fashion.

No More Emails

While email is an amazing tool that has certainly revolutionized the way we work, it can sometimes be too much of a good thing.  Some employees can spend hours of their day managing information and monitoring emails.  Email can often cause security and storage concerns and can also quickly complicate document version control.

Investing in an EDMS removes the need to distribute content via email.  This will also remove storage burdens and security threat, which will give businesses increased control over their regulated content.  Using a platform like GoCanvas can help combat this problem, as they offer an easy-to-use service that gives you the ability to automate numerous business processes, including emails to customers, colleagues, and partners.

Reliable Backups

If you aren’t aware of what content you are meant to have, it can be very difficult to make sure that all of your files are backed up.  Typical document management encourages businesses to save documents on local computers and non-controlled file shares.  This often means that content is not properly backed up, which results in the content getting lost.

Nowadays, it is a regulatory requirement that businesses can produce both legible and original copies of records.  This makes it extremely important that you have a strong document backup solution.  EDMS will immediately centralize all of your records and documents, so you can quickly retrieve it.

Lower Document Management Costs

Often, archiving paper documents can be extremely expensive because of the labor-intensive nature of this task.  If you choose to switch to electronic environments, processing, storing and retrieving documents and records can easily be streamlined.  Plus, the need for physical storage space can be eliminated completely.

More Consistent Content

An EDMS will help ensure that content is consistently formatted correctly as the system offers both template management and distribution capabilities.  Businesses can also choose to automate their PDF publishing process, so each piece of content will be published in a uniform manner.

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