Mahindra and Mahindra working towards bringing driverless tractors to reality

Mahindra driverless tractor

Mahindra and Mahindra wants to bring the latest technological marvels into the agricultural fields. Mahindra Chairman, Anand Mahindra issued a note to the investors mentioning the company’s intention to develop a driverless tractor. The company aims to invest adequately into the relevant research and development required to implement its plan successfully. Mahindra expects that new technology will disrupt the highly unexplored field of agricultural vehicles.

In countries like India, there is a huge demand for automobiles like tractors in the field of farming and agriculture. Still, this market lacks the interest of most of the automobile companies. Truly speaking this is rather a global problem than solely a domestic one. While other industries are modernizing rapidly, agriculture industry remains mostly unchanged for years.

Agriculture is a field without which the entire humanity will not be able to survive. It is a field where demand is much faster than the production volume. To feed the ever increasing population around the world, more focus needs to be applied in this field. This is a field where chances of collision or accidents are low, which is a golden opportunity for the automobile industry.

Being the world’s largest producer of tractors, Mahindra targets to be at the forefront of the development of new technology in the field of agriculture. Citing Elon Musk of Tesla, Anand Mahindra also expressed his wish to bring something revolutionary in the field of driverless technology.

Mahindra also aims to focus on bringing the driverless initiative for commercial vehicles. The company wishes to use its IT skills to the limits for researching and developing the required technology for the best implementation of its innovative plan.

The company’s Chairman specified three primary targets which he intends to focus, which are the development of vehicles running on renewable energy sources, shared mobility and driverless automobiles.