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Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto Protect Air Cooler Review

Maharaja the leader in small electronics category in India has brought a new product in its line of room air coolers, called the ‘Atlanto Protect Air Cooler’ and here’s our review of it to help you make a decision.

Let us now dive straight into the review!

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Box Contents

In addition to the product, the box has the usual documentation which includes User Guides and warranty information.

A complete list of items you get inside the box.

  • Atlanto Protect Air Cooler
  • Warranty and User Guide


In terms of the design the Atlanto Protect Air Cooler is fairly standard to what you would find in a normal room cooler. Nothing fancy in here. The cooler has a set of high quality wheels under it for better and easy movement. A powerful motor sits in the middle with a swing mechanism. One thing we didn’t like is the quality of the cabin lid, we feel it should have been a little better.

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There are two knobs on the top for adjusting the fan speeds and water pump. Perhaps the main USP or we should say the highlighting factor of this product is the Anti-Mosquito chamber that dispenses mosquito repellents. It accepts all the leading mosquito repellent refills that are available in the market. This technology is patent pending and we were impressed by how easy it was to add a refill into the chamber.


We are highly impressed with the amount of airflow that this fan is capable of. The fan performs especially well if the there’s proper ventilation. The swing mechanism works well. The water tank is big and can hold enough water to last a full day. We weren’t put of by the amount of noise this fan makes and perhaps it’s the quietest one we have tested till now.

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Overall we are quite happy with the performance of this cooler.

Maharaja Atlanto Protect Air Cooler Pricing

INR – 7,699 (After Rs 6,300 discount) via Amazon


  • Powerful Fan
  • Mosquito repellent chamber
  • Big Tank


  • Average build quality


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Verdict – Should you go for it?

We totally recommend this product to someone looking to buy a room air cooler. The fan is of a very good quality with a bunch of air speeds, Mosquito repellent chamber and a big water tank make it a good product. Our only gripe is that the build quality could have been a little better. The product at the time of the launch was priced close to Rs. 14,000 but has been slashed to Rs 7,699 which in our opinion is a sensible price.