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New MacBook Pro with Touch Bar now available at Apple stores in the US

Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is currently available for in-store pickup across the United States. Apple has activated in-store pickup for the recently released MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. You need to select a store near your locality and place order. You can then pick up the laptop from the relevant store.

Based on various reports, the stocks are extremely limited across the US. Hence, you need to place your order quickly if you wish to get your hands on the new MacBook Pro.

According to Apple’s official website, retail stores have limited number of stocks of both 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. They are ready for pickup today. Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 manufacturer confirmed that stores are expected to get additional stocks by December 30.

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To begin with, Apple retail outlets in New York and California will have stocks of the new laptop. As of writing this, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is available across all locations. It is to be noted that the smaller regional locations and mall outlets display boards show immediate availability.

According to reports available from Apple store, the supply is little dull for the 15-inch Touch Bar variant. Moreover, the premium Intel Core i7 processor model is also out of stock in many places.

However, the Fifth Avenue flagship store has stock of all Touch Bar MacBook models. You can pick up from the store starting November 18. Before placing an order, you need to verify the pickup availability on Apple’s MacBook purchase web page. We don’t have any information about the availability of MacBook Pro Touch Bar model in India.

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