Lumos Announces $56 Million Fiber Optic Expansion in New Hanover County

Lumos Announces $56 Million Fiber Optic Expansion in New Hanover County

Lumos, a prominent fiber optic internet and total home Wi-Fi service provider, has embarked on a $56 million project to significantly enhance internet connectivity in New Hanover County, including Wilmington. This ambitious initiative aims to deploy over 600 miles of cutting-edge fiber optic technology, promising to revolutionize local digital landscapes.

Key Highlights:

  • Investment of $56 million to expand fiber optic internet services.
  • The project covers 655 miles across New Hanover County and Wilmington.
  • Enhanced internet speeds, offering up to 385 times faster uploads and 30 times faster downloads than traditional cable.
  • Expansion includes areas like Carolina Beach, Ogden, Myrtle Grove, Castle Hayne, and Wrightsboro.
  • The initiative marks Lumos’s third new market entry in 2023.

Lumos Announces $56 Million Fiber Optic Expansion in New Hanover County

Lumos’s investment in fiber optic technology is set to provide residents and businesses in New Hanover County with unparalleled internet speeds and reliability. The expansion will encompass significant areas, including portions of Wilmington, Carolina Beach, and communities such as Ogden, Myrtle Grove, Castle Hayne, and Wrightsboro, delivering a robust network that significantly outperforms traditional cable connections​​​​.

Brian Stading, CEO of Lumos, emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering accessible, uninterrupted 100% fiber optic internet that meets today’s demands and anticipates future needs. This project is expected to greatly enhance the quality of life for New Hanover residents by facilitating advancements in telemedicine, remote work and learning, entertainment, and more​​.

Telemedicine will be another area greatly enhanced by improved internet speeds. Access to healthcare services can be expanded, especially for residents in remote or underserved areas, allowing for remote consultations, monitoring, and even some forms of remote treatment.

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of digital connectivity in maintaining economic, educational, and social activities. Communities with robust digital infrastructure were better able to adapt to the disruptions caused by the pandemic. This project by Lumos ensures that New Hanover County is better prepared for future challenges.

The initiative is part of Lumos’s broader strategy to address the evolving digital requirements of modern communities, reinforcing its position as a leader in the provision of high-speed internet services. The expansion is noteworthy as Lumos’s third new market venture in 2023, signaling rapid growth and commitment to enhancing digital infrastructure in the region​​.

Engineering work for the deployment is slated to begin in mid-2023, with local residents to be notified via mail and the option to sign up for email updates. This project not only underscores Lumos’s dedication to fostering digital innovation and connectivity but also highlights the critical importance of advanced internet infrastructure in supporting the technological needs of contemporary society.

In conclusion, Lumos’s substantial investment in New Hanover County is a clear testament to the transformative power of fiber optic technology. By significantly enhancing internet speed and reliability, this initiative is poised to support the burgeoning needs of digital innovation and connectivity. As communities increasingly rely on high-speed internet for a myriad of applications, the importance of such infrastructure projects cannot be overstated. Lumos’s expansion not only caters to current technological demands but also strategically positions New Hanover County for future digital advancements, marking a pivotal step forward in the region’s digital evolution.


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