Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg will be interacting with IIT Delhi students on October 28. As the auditorium at the college has a limited seating space and can accommodate just a small number of the total strength of the college, only 900 students will be lucky enough to attend the Townhall Q&A session.

These 900 lucky students have been chosen through a lottery. The auditorium can handle 1,100 guests, but only 900 seats have been allotted to the students while the rest 300 are for other delegates.

All the IITians are keen to meet Mark Zuckerberg as he is an inspiration for these budding minds, but due to lack of space, many of them will not get a chance of interaction.

Facebook team is handling the entire event. The event process started last Thursday, and the response is loud.

Facebook’s event team posted the invite on IIT Delhi’s website, and it fetched whopping 1,300 applications in just 2 hours. The link was later discontinued as the response surpassed 3,500 applications.

Talking about the upcoming event, a faculty member at IIT Delhi said, “Town Hall has always been popular, but not like this one, Mark is a role model for most of the students as he is easy to identify with. Also as the focus of both the Institute and students is moving towards entrepreneurship and innovation, his visit has created a lot of enthusiasm.”

Mark will be delivering a speech for the first 15 minutes of the session. After that, he will be spending an hour answering questions from the audience.

It is one of the major events for Facebook, explaining its importance, its spokesperson said, “It’s because India is one of the countries with largest users outside of the US for the company.”

“India has always been on the growth map for Zuckerberg, in one of his speeches at Facebook headquarters. India is personally very important to the history of our company here. This is a story that I have not told publicly and very few people know,” he added further.