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From Local Plastic Surgeon to Creating a Unique Solar Eclipse Viewing App

Viewing solar eclipse is a tradition that many have been born to learn and continue with it and also having the pleasure to pass it to the next generation. What have you been using to view what actually happens during the solar eclipse? Special screen glasses or special telescopes, I guess!

Apparently, Gordon Telepun, a doctor and a plastic surgeon at DECATUR, Alabama has a solution to that might blow your mind away and help you do away with the old analog methods of viewing the solar eclipse. The doctor, has been a surgeon during the day and a researcher during the night.

Through his enthusiasm towards the solar system, he has succeeded in putting question, objectives ad methods together in order to come up with a unique application which will help you view solar eclipse with much finer details and precision. According to Doctor. Telepun, the app is installed in the phone and you can find your location using the first tap, the second tap helps you to calculate contact times from your location. The second tap is crucial as it helps you to load the contacts on the main timer which will eventually times through the eclipse.

What makes up the Success of Telpun’s Solar Viewing Apparatus?

With such a success, it is now evident that people who will be lucky to acquire this apparatus plus the app will be in a good position to view the coming solar eclipse with much precision. However, all has not been rosy for Doctor Telepun because at first the program was written an executed on Windows 98, an old school operating systems. Here it was the basic timing program that depended on manual feeding of contacts each and every time. It was hectic but was a stepping stone towards success.

The Uniqueness of Doctor Telepun’s Solar Viewing App and Apparatus

Unlike other apps, these one by Telepun is extraordinary because it is a talking solar viewing app. For instance, it talks to you when the eclipse begins and tells you what is happening each time. It is amazing because you don’t have to ask questions because it acts as an astronomer who explains things as they unravel. It also tells you when to take off your protective glasses and when to put them back on.

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