Livpure i-taste water purifier with Wi-Fi launched, price starts at Rs. 10999

Livpure has launched India’s 1st RO which enables consumers to control the taste of the purified water. To ensure that the water is healthy, the i-taste comes with a unique mineralizer cartridge that is also an Anti-Oxidant. It is also India’s 1st Wi-Fi enabled water purifier. This enables the RO to auto communicate with the service team of Livpure to facilitate a preventive maintenance/filter replacement as and when required

Livpure i-taste water purifier primary functions:

  • Provides hot, warm & ambient water dispensing to allow a drinking water temperature that is preferred
  • Provides water enriched with antioxidants
  • Helps the user control the taste of water and monitor other essential RO parameters through an interactive LCD screen
  • Facilitates a smart dispensing mode to help control the volume of purified water
  • Has an insect-proof water storage tank
  • Facilitates detailed 8-stage purification process

Livpure i-taste water purifier specs:

Technology RO + UV + UF + Deoxy
Purification Capacity 15 liters per hour
Maximum duty cycle 75 liters per day
Tank capacity 7 liters
RO Membrane 75-80 Gallons per day
8-stage Purification Cartridges Sediment filter

Anti-scalant filter

Pre-activated carbon filter

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

UF Cartridge

Post Carbon Cartridge

UV Disinfection Column

Deoxy+ Cartridge (Antioxidant)

Hot water tank capacity 0.8 liter
Safety Child lock
User Interface Capacitive Touch Activation with Backlit Symbols
Voltage 24 V DC

The company also launched two other purifiers, i-taste for Rs. 27,999, Knight for Rs. 31,999 and Glitz Rs. 10,999.

In order to ensure long term sustenance and growth, Livpure has ramped up its distribution network and service centers. The brand has been growing at a decent pace in the country and currently has 400 service centers, 800 service people, and over 500 distributors. Livpure has its network in 22 states and is available in over 14,000 outlets.

With a production capacity of over one million per year from its production facility in Manesar, the company is planning to aggressively expand in India. With its innovative purifiers that perform reverse-osmosis and gravity-based water purifiers, the company’s showcased vision to make every Indian healthy is likely to play well in the future and it may be a serious threat to the likes of Kent. The trust can surely be earned by the brand with some effort and time.

The brand is relatively new in terms of success, but the growth rate seems quite promising. The initial sales figures may not be the right benchmark but, one can hardly wait without having their fingers crossed.

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