LineageOS Ends Support for Android 11-based Builds

LineageOS Ends Support for Android 11-based Builds

The popular Android-based operating system, LineageOS, has made significant changes in its build roster, signaling the end of the road for Android 11-based builds, as the development community shifts its focus towards newer versions of Android.

Key Highlights:

  • LineageOS is focusing on newer Android versions, leaving Android 11-based builds behind.
  • Developers are encouraged to submit devices for official support, including those previously supported.
  • LineageOS introduces generic targets and extensive documentation to enhance developer access.
  • The project adds support for Android Automotive build targets, showcasing its versatility.
  • A call to the community for translations to make LineageOS more inclusive.

LineageOS Ends Support for Android 11-based Builds

Embracing New Horizons

LineageOS has always been at the forefront of extending the lifespan of devices by providing up-to-date Android versions long after manufacturers cease updates. As technology progresses, so does the need to adapt to newer software versions, which brings us to the pivotal transition away from Android 11-based builds.

Developer and Community Engagement

The call for device submissions is louder than ever, with LineageOS inviting developers to contribute by submitting their devices for official support. This open invitation not only revitalizes older devices but also strengthens the LineageOS device portfolio. For those lacking technical know-how but still eager to contribute, there are opportunities to enhance the project’s apps suite or assist with documentation and translations.

Expanding Accessibility and Support

With the aim of making LineageOS more accessible to developers and enthusiasts alike, the project has documented the use of generic targets in conjunction with Android Emulator/Android Studio. This initiative, coupled with support for Google’s Project Treble, broadens the compatibility of LineageOS across a wider array of devices. Moreover, the introduction of Android Automotive build targets underscores the project’s commitment to innovation and versatility in the ever-evolving Android ecosystem.

A Call for Inclusivity Through Translations

Recognizing the global reach of LineageOS, the project encourages bilingual or multilingual community members to contribute by translating the OS into various languages. This effort not only enriches the user experience for non-English speakers but also highlights the community-driven ethos of LineageOS.

Prioritizing Newer Android Versions

The cessation of Android 11-based builds by LineageOS underscores a broader trend in the custom ROM community towards adopting newer, more advanced versions of Android. This move is in response to the evolving needs of the user base and the continuous improvement in hardware capabilities of newer devices. By focusing on recent Android versions, LineageOS aims to leverage the latest features, security updates, and performance enhancements that come with newer Android releases.

The shift away from Android 11-based builds by LineageOS marks a significant moment in the project’s history, reflecting a forward-looking approach to software development. By embracing newer versions of Android, LineageOS continues to provide a beacon of hope for devices left behind by their manufacturers. The project’s openness to community involvement and its expansion into new territories like Android Automotive demonstrate a robust commitment to versatility and inclusivity. As LineageOS evolves, it remains a vital resource for extending the life and enhancing the capabilities of Android devices worldwide.

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