Like crossword puzzles? NY Times Crossword app now available for Android

The official New York Times Crossword app is now available for Android with a combination of free and paid puzzles. You can download the NYTimes – Crossword app from Google Play Store. Even though the app was made available for iOS and Windows Phone users, Android users have kept away from the imaginative crossword app.

The NY Times Crossword app features the same crossword found in the daily newspaper. Moreover, you can also try old Times crossword puzzles dating back to 20+ years. However, you need to subscribe to access archived puzzles.

If you are willing to pay monthly, you need to shell out Rs. 460. The one-year subscription will cost Rs. 2650. As you can see, you can save a considerable amount of money if you subscribe for a year. You will be able to receive a 50 percent discount if you already a print and digital subscriber.


If you are not willing to spend cash, you can test drive mini-puzzles for free. Furthermore, you can access all sections if you register for a seven-day free trial. You can try all sections similar to what the paid subscribers are getting.

To work with the NYTimes – Crossword app, you need to download it from the Google Play Store. You will find three tabs namely featured, packs and archive. By default, the Mini puzzles are available free of cost.


The Easy as Pie Midis pack will cost Rs. 270 for a pack of 20 puzzles. The app provides several packs, which you can buy, download and play offline. Initially, you can play with three Mini packs. If you would like to access more packs, you need to become a paid subscriber.

If you would like to spend free time by playing real crosswords provided directly by the New York Times, this is a great opportunity. You need not have to pay. You can work out the free crosswords. The app will be a big boon for kids and students.