LG’s New 2024 OLED TVs: A Comprehensive Overview


LG’s unveiling of its 2024 OLED TV lineup has sparked considerable excitement, featuring a range of models that promise enhanced viewing experiences, groundbreaking technology, and sleek designs. Set to hit the market next month, these models start at a competitive price point of $1,499, making premium technology more accessible to a broader audience.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction of the M4 and G4 series with unique “One Wall Designs” and a new 4-screen system for multitasking, powered by the Alpha 11 processor.
  • The C4 series, part of LG’s evo line, offers improved brightness and retains 144Hz gaming and far-field voice control, despite losing the 5-year warranty and four-screen support seen in the G4 and M4 series.
  • Entry-level B4 series featuring the new Alpha 8 AI 4K processor and dual-screen Multiview system, but without far-field voice recognition and Brightness Booster technologies.
  • Comprehensive model range catering to various preferences and budgets, with LG continuing to offer a wide selection of LCD alternatives in its QNED lineup.


Detailed Breakdown

LG OLED M4 and G4 Series

These models stand out with their “One Wall Designs,” perfect for seamless wall mounting, and come with a notable five-year warranty. The M4 and G4 series introduce a revolutionary 4-screen system that allows for displaying multiple sources simultaneously, a feature made possible by the new Alpha 11 AI processor. Brightness Booster Max technology is included across all screen sizes, except for the 97-inch model, enhancing the visual experience.

LG OLED C4 Series

The C4 series, a continuation of LG’s premium evo line, sees a modest boost in brightness over its predecessor, the C3. However, it will not incorporate the full Brightness Booster Max technology. This series is designed with an ultra-thin build, differing from the One Wall design of the higher-end models but maintaining high-performance features like 144Hz gaming and far-field voice control.

LG OLED B4 Series

The B4 series is tailored for those entering the OLED market, offering essential features at a more accessible price point. While it lacks some of the advanced technologies of its pricier counterparts, such as far-field voice recognition and Brightness Booster, it still supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, along with the latest webOS 24 platform for an enhanced user interface.

Model Year Lineup

The lineup includes a variety of models across the M4, G4, C4, and B4 series, ensuring a wide range of options for consumers. Each series caters to different user needs and preferences, from the advanced multitasking capabilities of the M4 and G4 series to the basic yet quality offerings of the B4 series.

LG QNED TVs 2024

LG also continues to expand its QNED TV offerings, emphasizing larger screen sizes and improved AI-driven performance. The 2024 QNED series features the Alpha 8 AI and Alpha 5 AI processors, promising enhanced picture quality and user experience.

The 2024 OLED lineup from LG signifies a continued commitment to innovation and quality in the home entertainment sector. While the M4 and G4 series push the boundaries of what’s possible with home TVs, the C4 and B4 series ensure that premium OLED technology remains accessible to a wider audience. LG’s blend of cutting-edge technology, user-centric features, and diverse model offerings underscore its role as a leader in the OLED TV market. This year’s lineup not only reflects LG’s technological advancements but also its understanding of consumer needs, offering something for everyone in the 2024 range.


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