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LG re-introduces the G Flex with several enhanced features

At the CES, 2015, LG announced a new version of the G Flex it had launched in last year’s conference. The new G Flex 2, although smaller than its previous version, enhances the utility of the curvature of the phone.

LG’s G Flex 2 has a curved screen which, as claimed by the company, makes the device more convenient to hold. In addition, the curved screen also makes the text on the screen easier to read, LG claims. However, the phone is slightly smaller in size than its predecessor, which quite contradicts the increasing trend of a bigger phone.

In the context of a smaller size of the new phone, LG explained that it had received several complaints from users for the previous version. The company explained that the bigger sized phones are inconvenient to hold and carry around, users complained. Hence, the company decided to make the new version smaller. It has a screen size equal to that of Apple’s bigger phone, the iPhone 6 Plus, namely 5.5 inches. The previous version was 6 inches in size. The 5.5-inch screen size has been called as the “sweet spot” by big phone lovers.

Apart from these differences in the new version of the G Flex, LG has incorporated some more additions to the model. The G Flex 2 comes with a scratch-resistant back and has special healing properties. The company explained that if the phone develops a scratch during normal use, it is equipped to erase the mark within seconds. However, this is not true for the screen. Nevertheless, LG has used a special chemical on the Corning Gorilla’s Glass to improve the resistance of the screen as well, it claimed.

The phone also has improved resolution and offers HD 1080p, which still lags behind the sharpness offered by LG’s G3. The new Flex 2 also has some selfie features to enable the users to view time and notifications without having to turn the screen on.

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