LG PD233 Pocket Photo printer comes to Indian Market

Photos bring back memories we can cherish and help us relive those moments, though for a short time. With the camera-equipped phones capturing those moments has become much simpler. Also now, there is LG PD233 Pocket Photo printer available so you can print anything on the go. Yes, LG Electronics (LG) has announced the launch of its LG PD233 Pocket Photo printer in India.

LG PD233 is a portable printer, you can easily make out by looking at its size. It is the smallest and lightest mobile photo printing device available in India till date. The device measures just 72 x 120 x 24 mm and weighs 215 grams. The palm-sized printer can be connected to smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth, NFC. It provides powerful wireless connectivity, making it an ideal companion for both Android and iOS smartphones.

LG Photo Printer

To connect PD233 to your Smartphone you simply need to download and install a free app connect smart phones to the Pocket Photo and begin printing immediately. The highlight of the device is that it employs inkless printing technology from Zink that eliminates the need for expensive ink cartridges. Moreover, inkless paper system helps preserve images and produce less smearing images. The Pocket Photo can be used to print thank you cards, birthday invitations or business cards having a personal QR code.

LG PD233 Pocket Photo printer features

  1. No cables required, connects to the smartphones wirelessly
  2. Prints your photo via a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone.
  3. Takes less time for printing, only 45 seconds to get an actual printout
  4. No ink cartridge required

The LG Pocket Photo Printer is priced at Rs. 14,990 and is available across LG stores


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