LG India new video on Father’s Day salutes single mothers

Every year 19th of June brings about an array of Father’s Day initiatives from MNCs all around the world. Popular electronics manufacturer LG took things a little off the beat and came up with a video with a ground-breaking statement “Happy Father’s Day Mom“.

The company took this opportunity to address and appeal to single moms all over the world, who have been doing what all fathers do whilst taking care of their business.

The video starts with children from all age groups talking about their dreams and how their “fathers” have helped them in life, so far. From the little things in life such as teaching how to shave to inspiring to pursue their dreams, dads have done it all. The video, however, consists of a series of compiled monologues talking about fathers in a feminine reference. This is what kept the audience stick around until the end of the video.

It was revealed that the children were, in fact, talking about their mothers. Women who have to do it all of their own. Women who raise their children as both parents. When the boy talked about his father teaching him how to shave, because “he” knows it from his experience of shaving his own legs, it seemed a little strange. But it did come through with an explanation as to why moms should be given some recognition even on Father’s Day. A true modern touch to feminism.

The video ended with a message that read “This Father’s Day, a Salute to all the single mothers. #HappyFathersDayMom.” The idea was to express the empowered women and give them the love moms deserve. This kind of an initiative is unprecedented and is likely to have followers in the days to come.



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