Letv penetration in the Indian market to be a game changer

India is gearing up for the official launch of Letv. There has been a lot of excitement behind the launch thanks to the promising nature of the company’s technology.

The cross-platform multinational internet firm is based in China, but it has had a lot of success from its global operations. The company was able to achieve rapid growth in its operations in China. There is a lot of anticipation over the company’s launch in India as it promises to bring the same momentum into the country.

Letv’s innovative portfolio is made up of high-end devices coupled with appealing content-based services. The company creates further appeal to the Indian market especially due to the firm’s involvement with electric vehicles.

Letv’s business structure has allowed it to venture into unchartered territories where other internet companies are yet to reach. It will, therefore, offer unique services to the Indian market thanks to its creative content ecosystem.

The market outlook seems promising for Letv. India is ranked the second biggest mobile market and third largest smartphone market in the world.

These statistics bundled with the Indian consumer’s high affinity for new technologies mean that there is a high probability of success for Letv in India. The beauty of the Indian market is that it is also has a high adoption rate for new technologies and concepts.

The presence of the China-based company in India is expected to transform the perception that Indian companies have about their operations. It will also create new collaborative opportunities for Indian and Chinese firms.

Letv was initially founded in 2004 as a video streaming firm. Its business strategy and technological know-how have lifted it to a higher status, allowing it to be counted as one of the most successful companies in China.

The company was founded by Liu Hong and Jia Yueting. It is currently worth more than $14.73 billion and boasts of global presence through its disruptive technology.


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