LeTv has officially arrived in India with the launch of Le 3D Helmet, LeMe Bluetooth headphones and a Super Cycle at an event held in New Delhi. According to the company, superior performance and disruptive pricing will be their key mantra to catch customer attention.

LeTv in an official statement disclosed that it is committed to providing consumers with the most innovative products and best experiences backed with robust service centres.

The company revealed that Le 3D Helmet and LeMe Bluetooth headphones have the capability to provide a unique audio and video experience to customers.

The Le 3D Helmet features a 5.5-inch SHARP 2K LCD screen with a resolution of 2660 X 1440 pixels in addition to a 70-degree field of view. With less than 450 grams, the helmet ships with a USB Type-C port, which enables you to sync with the smartphone for MHL signal input.

The LeMe Bluetooth headphones provide wireless audio experience with a frequency response of 20Hz to 20,000Hz and are available in red, pink, blue, orange and white colours.

Weighing 240 grams, the headphones feature a 195-mAh Li-ion polymer battery that offers 10 hours of playback time and approximately 27 hours of standby time. The total time required for charging the headphone is only 2 hours. The device ships with a microUSB Type B with a wireless range of 10 meters.

The LeTv Super Cycle helps you to keep track of all the required data during cycling with the assistance of sensors in addition to monitoring the way in which you cycle. The gathered data are stored in the cloud, which enable you to retrieve them easily. LeTv has added fingerprint identification on the cycle with the help of keyless and chain-less anti-theft technology.

LeTv is scheduled to release a new range of smartphones in India. The company sold nearly one million smartphones since it entered the smartphone industry in April 2015.